Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I have taken a h-u-g-e step into Technology World.   No, no, I haven't learned to tweet, but I did get a DVR!  We were all old-school with a VCR and a recordable DVD player.  But now..I've discovered tv again.  And me likey.

I didn't know how to use it, but got a really brief tutorial (Push DVR List, Select, and Push Play)..and I asked the Tutorialist to record me some shows: Candice Tells All (3pm-Kid Time!), Nate Berkus (at 12:30am) and Sarah's (summer) House (2:30am), since the good shows only come on in the night.  Ha!  Does that mean I like unpopular shows? or do they put the best shows at bad times since people will watch them either way?  Hmm..I'll get back to you after polling.

I'm getting time to sit and watch tv (and write to you) since Mary Claire is home sick today-she felt awful early this morning (before wake-up time), and after a visit to our doctor's office, we learned she has a double-ear infection.  She and Swimming?  Not so much pals right now.  She's medicated (nose spray, antibiotics, Tylenol, and some TLC), and we are working on blood sugars now.  She's risen from 180 to 251, and now we work on her temporary basal till we get the numbers controlled.  (until they drop when the antibiotics take control of that infection..)  And the ear infection is contagious?  Ethan just cried at the ball park, I got him home and into bed, and his eardrum just ruptured-ick.  I was taking him to the doctor in the morning, but I guess it couldn't wait. Darn genetic bad ears.

Anywho..Sarah is now building a summer cottage (super cute!), it's only reach-able by boat so she's having to boat all her supplies out, and I can't imagine!  I like that she is cottage-y (even in her regular houses), and uses color, white, older stuff from flea markets as well as new stuff (from Pottery Barn, my fave!).
Speaking of..I got a new table Saturday on my anniversary Day Out!  It won't be here for another week or two, but it's Coming... I wanted less orangey table (what I have now), and more pine and country (Umm..does this mean I'm stepping back into pre-technology?).
I'm keeping my black french chairs, and I'll use them.  I just need to paint the room, add new chair cushions, change my blinds..Ha! One little thing can throw you over the (decorating) edge! : )
It's a Kincaid Farmhouse table and it has...drawers!!  Yes, I'm easily impressed by little touches. ; )  We play cards at dinner, and we can store our cards in the drawers.  Cool.  The salesman told us that people used them for crumb drawers, you just rake your crumbs into your drawer and empty them at the end of the day.  Ha!  I can see the kids filling them with cars, dolls, k'nex and their unfinished food...
I also fell in *love* with this beautiful Parker House entertainment center-doesn't it scream Holly?  Hahaha! (or can only I can hear its high-pitched voice?)  It was more expensive than the table, so we are debating.  We also went out to look at wood flooring for our kitchen/breakfast/hearth room, and we can't have it all.  Alas, I must make a decision.  (Not a four-letter-word, but might as well be!)

ps-I will not miss commercials : )

(but...I just saw a blip of a Juicy Juice box with Cars pictures on the fronts-we are buying those..and when I checked out their website, they have Spy School-check it out!)

oh yeah, oh yeah! Register for the applique/monogrammed towel-leave a comment and your first name...drawing on Saturday, June 4th!  That's sooo long-I'll only do a couple days next time-I'm ready to MAKE it already! : )


The Mom said...

Comment: Brave SUPERWOMAN killed a cottonmouth snake and took pics at the same time, plus talking on phone, watching daughter and watching said snake.
(Probably had dinner in the oven, clothes in the washer/dryer, and reading all my emails:0). lol

What a day you had!! Love you!!

The Mom

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Heidi / D-Tales said...

LOVE my DVR! Can't live without it! Well...I suppose I could, but you will soon know what I mean! ;)

Lucky you getting an updated decor! Congrats on the new table! It's beautiful. I never knew those drawers were for crumbs!

Hope the kids both feel better soon!

Kendra said...

Yep, I heard the entertainment did scream Holly!! It's gorgeous. :)
Girl, once you go DVR, you'll never be the same. I'm so happy for you!!
PS...I think I'm going to have to sell my middle section of my armoire know the cream one? We are just out of room. Not sure it's anything that would match you now, but you can have first dibs if you want??

Hugs sweet friend!!

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

As yes, the beloved DVR...such a wonderful invention! You will never watch TV the same and when you go visit family that doesn't have one it will literally make your skin crawl!!!
Love the table and entertainment center.

Oh, and I'd love to enter for the towel! Count Denise in!!

Thanks for popping over to my blog, too. Always fun to have new names pop up in the comments! :)

The Ware's said...

We too are left in the dust with an old VCR and DVD player.. heck, I still even have my old read along records that the girls pull out. They are probably the only ones that actually know what a record player is. Ha! :o) So what did you get?... we still don't even have a flat screen TV in the living room.. we are so behind! :o)

Anonymous said...

Re: Sandra: I still have those read along records too! Keep them as the are priceless!
(Maybe Holly another tab could be a chat feature to make a comment to a comment?)
Have a great day!!

The DL said...

I am so happy to have found your blog! It's so awesome! I can't wait to go back and read them all. You really are a super woman with the snake! Thank goodness your husband took care of that!!!

Holly said...

Aww..feeling the love guys : )
I love you too!!
Mom-Snake Post is UP! : ) Ewww!
Heidi-thanks!! I can't *wait* for my table!! : )
Kendra-SO glad you can hear it too!! I was wondering if I was tone deaf!! hahaha! and I love that cream one!! Let me think if I can put it somewhere-the kids would love a tv upstairs!!
Denise-you are ENTERED! : ) and your song? Brilliant!! : )
DL-you are too sweet. and girl-I killed the snake!!! : O