Sunday, June 26, 2011

Diabetes Requires Sugar...Sometimes.

What a blood sugar roller coaster we've had.  Mary Claire had another low tonight while Ches and I were out on a date.  She was 47, and didn't even feel it.  Thank goodness we'd scheduled a check or they'd have never known.  That's what's scary-after they've had two or three lows in a week-they don't feel them. : (  At least when she normally has a crash-she feels it-even a 65 or even a 70 alerts her to a drop.  But not in the past three days.

She was back up to 141 by bedtime after a couple glucose tabs and peanut butter with crackers.  But, when we aren't home-it's scary to convey to our babysitter how crucial it is to get her some sugar (asap!), and keep an eye on her.  I hate the lows, but even more when I'm not here.  I feel powerless!

I remember her lowest blood sugar ever was when she was in four-year-old preschool, and her teacher, Ms. Lisa, had checked her, and called me with a 24 (t-w-e-n-t-y-f-o-u-r, Freaking Out = Appropriate Response).  I was at Target (doing some meaningless shopping), and felt useless. There was no way I could speed there and make it in time to help my baby.  I had to talk her through it, and I kept telling her over and over to sit with her, hold her, and not to let go.  Ms. Lisa had to guide the juice box straw into her mouth, and coach her.  Oh, so scary-I still can't forget how it felt.

We are farther along now, but it can still take us by surprise.  I swear it's the swimming.  She is getting exercise (pump off = raised blood sugar vs. exercise = lowered blood sugar), but when she puts her pump back it's a huge guess how much insulin is still in the tubing under her skin, and how much basal she missed while it was off (although I try to keep the time x basal rate!).  I think having her ear infections back under control dropped her too.  Frustrating keeping my girl going in the summer.

It is SO hard being a doctor/nurse in my not-so-spare addition to a nutritionist, mathematician, pharmacist, chauffeur, delivery driver, and product stocker.  But having my girl here with me?  SO worth it.  : )


Unknown said...

UGH...sorry about the low Holly. They are scary, especially when they don't feel them....and you are not there with them.

I hope today is a better day in the blood sugar department.

Amy@Diapeepees said...

I think sheduled checks are key whenever you have a babysitter. Thank God for those!

Sandy said...

Oh no, I hear ya. So scary. Glad she is okay :)