Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Exhausted, but he can SEE!

Clay got his glasses, and he is sooo cute!

after boy scouts : ) (he lost his little brass thingie that goes on his handkerchief!)
I think he's still happy about them, and for that I am Thankful.  He was so tired this evening, so I put in his eye drops (moisturizing for dry eyes), and he even had me brush his teeth and wash his hands-he was exhausted.  Then he went right to sleep.  The last day of school is so tiring! ; )  All that outside play can wear a kid out (especially when it's 93 degrees outside!).

Now..on to the good stuff!  Our second towel contest! : )

We have a WiNNeR!!  On random.org, REYNA is the number one spot!!  Congratulations!!  You have to let me know what color towel, what fabric (style/color), and name you are choosing to have monogrammed! : )

Thanks to everyone who played along..and I'm trying to think of what to give away next!  If you have ideas, let me know! : )


Heidi / D-Tales said...

Congrats Reyna!

Clay has such a nice smile! He looks super cute in his new glasses.

Jules said...

aww certainly handsome with those frames!!! Congrats Reyna on the win!!!

love how kids devote all their energy to playing hard, then mummy has to untie their laces, and dry their hair after a shower, so funny and sweet xx.

Unknown said...

He is so cute with his glasses!

AND...YAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not sure how I go about choosing. A white bath towel? With a sage-like green thread with a muted pattern for the monogram...and a "B" please. Do you need more information than that? WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO