Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beachy Wreath

I'm Late, I'm Late, for a very important date! : ) (I had a contest end last night, and am just now posting)  SORRY!!

It got busy-I made a wreath...finally!  My front door has been wreathless since January (or February..whenever I finally took down Christmas).  So..I made a crafting trip yesterday, and got stocked up.  I have this huge roll of burlap "ribbon" I got in Joplin + starfish + hydrangeas + little flowers = New Beachy Wreath!
The starfish hanging were an afterthought-but they move around in the wind (we have storms and huge wind gusts today!)
I also got some fabric...Mary Claire wants a nightgown for herself and her American Girl doll that match.  I'm attempting to make them today.  (Ha!)  We also got fabric for a new pillowcase dress for them-soo easy for them to make! : )  Do you want to make one with us?  Let's see...get a couple yards of fabric (even 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 if you have a little girl) of thin (not decor) fabric and some matching ribbon (about 8 feet or 2 2/3 yards, at least an inch wide for the ties), and meet me back here Saturday! : )  (if you want a matching hairbow, buy more ribbon, and you should have enough fabric to make a flower for the front!)

Now, CONTEST! : )
According to, the winner is....Meri!!
Meri, you've won the monogrammed and appliqued white kitchen towel! : )  I'll get with you to see what you want on it! : )  (ps-I just added you as a friend on FB...heehee (you were friends with Heidi and Leigh and Reyna and Brian and JDRF Tulsa..are you that close??)  It's a small world! :)

Thanks for playing friends! : )  It's been so fun for me!


The Mom said...

Lovely wreath! Hope the splitting maul was useful. Dad had a note about dethroning our crepe myrtles. "I was going to do that this weekend, but thanks."

The DL said...

The wreath is beautiful! I love the starfishes!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

Another beautiful Holly project!

Unknown said...

I am jealous of your mad-crafting skillz. That wreath is killer...and congrats to Meri!!!

BTW...Bridge LOVES her towel. I need to do a Thankful Thank you post...I have some DOCers who have blessed me big time. You are one of them. xo

Holly said...

Mom-hahaha! They were getting too full at the bottom, so I HAD to get them done really quick! : ) Those branches will suck the life from the top!! : )
Lauren & Heidi-thank you!!!!!!!
Reyna-girl, thanks-I'm glad she likes it!! And you have blessed me with your rockin' self!! : ) Hugs!!

Jen Snow said...

Lovin' the wreath! :) And yes, love to learn how to make a pillowcase dress for Faith. Please give simple directions for people like me!! :)

Congrats to Meri! I know that she will love it!

Holly said...

Jen-thanks, girl! : ) Ok, get some fabric, and it really is easy to make! ..I promise! : )

Hallie Addington said...

So, so jealous! Congrats, Meri!!

I LOVE pillowcase dresses! I just bought a few for A to wear to Disney - so cute and personalized! Wish I could make one.... Don't think I can do it!! But I'll look for your directions!