Saturday, November 13, 2010

Official Contest

Lord, let me not go crazy.  Mary Claire had a sleepover last night, and I've been kinda crazy.  I was so worried last night because the last time I'd talked to her, her blood sugar was 64.  She had pizza and cake after that, but I wanted to talk to her before bed!  This morning I had to sit on my hands not to call her!  She called a little after 8, but I was up before 7!  I wanted to know how she did through the night!  I always want to know that she made it okay.  Ahh-it's hard!  She was finally up to 318 last night (horrible), but I was a teensy bit comforted that she'd make it through the night fine.  She's been running soo low lately!  She woke up at 136, so I'm very happy that she's doing alright.

She was having pancakes with all the other girls, and I told her to make her plate, measure her syrup, and call me back for her bolus.  Well.  You cannot allow a child with diabetes away from home, to make their own plate!  I just got a lesson.  She used 1/2 cup of syrup!  We are talking 106 grams of carbs just in syrup!  That's without the pancakes (which are much lower in carbs-maybe only 10-15 grams each).  I (kinda) freaked out, and asked to talk to Sandra!  Bless her heart, she's busy making pancakes!  Mary Claire had done it herself, and while I was talking to Sandra, she was shoveling pancakes since she knew I was going to ask Sandra to mop up some of that syrup!  Hahahahaha-all I could do was laugh.  And give her tons of insulin.

I talked her through her bolus, but we've never had one that big!  It was 146 grams all together, and her pump suggested 8.5 units (we deal in .6 to 1.5 units normally!).  I know I've set her bolus ratios to change at 9am, and it was 8:30, so just a unit too much would kill her.  (In the day, her blood sugar drops about 25 points for every .1 I give her.)  Her ratio from 5am to 9 am is one unit of insulin to 17 grams, and after 9am it's one unit to 33 grams.  Big Difference.  Since we were on the verge (8:30), I figured it at one unit to 25 grams-six units, and prayed.

I told her to check herself in an hour and call me.  Hopefully she'll either be perfect (85-124), or high.  It's so much easier to correct a high.

I always hear Marlin, Nemo's dad in these instances, and I try not to be him.
I don't want to tell her she can't do things.  She doesn't know she can't-she thinks the world is her oyster!  If she thinks she can spend the night, check herself, eat a stack of pancakes with half a cup of syrup, then by golly, I hope she enjoys herself!  Whatever it is, we'll manage just fine.

Clay has to:
a. pick up the popcorn that he sold. (and deliver it this week)
b. go to Samaritan House and receive food that's being picked up today (earning a Webelos badge)
c. go to basketball practice
d. be ready to go to Missouri at 2:30pm.
e. all of the above.

Yes, you guessed it: E!  He's wearing his basketball clothes under his uniform, since he's going to be the main character in a busy play today!  I need to pick Mary Claire up from her sleepover at 11am, and I'm working on making stuff for our Women's Bazaar after church tomorrow, and since we'll be gone from 2:30 till about 10:45 tonight, I have to get it done now!
I bought some cookie (yes, break-n-bake) dough to make cookies, then I'm embroidering the kitchen towels I got last night.  I'm thinking maybe Go Hogs Go, Mom's Kitchen, Wipe Your Hands, and Bless this kitchen.  I used to make recipe cards, and one of them said, "..blessed and broke the loaves.  Mark 6:41"  but it was really too much to put on a kitchen towel.  Can you think of a shorter one?  We used to have all sorts of Bible verses on them.  How about we have a contest?

Official Contest:
You give me a pretty short verse or phrase (I have to be able to embroider it in about three lines or less), and the scripture reference, and I'll make you a towel and send it to you!  You can leave the ideas in comments, and I'll post the winner on Wednesday, November 17, so you'll have your new towel by Thanksgiving! : )
1.  It's really subjective, since I'm the judge.  If I have a few great ideas (like more than one!), I promise to put the ideas on folded paper, in a hat, and draw!  That makes it more fair. : )
2.  You can tell me your kitchen colors, and I'll match it.
3. Aren't little numbers down the side fun?
4. That's all.  Just enter to win.  Small print, read the small print.  There are no gimmicks, no guarantees, I'll post a picture of the winning towel.  Is it coming to your house?  You'll have to email me your address so I can send it to you!  Here's my email:  I'll keep posting the contest every day till I get a winner on Wednesday, November 17th.  Don't sue me over this.  Don't be a sore loser.  If you win, you can send me a picture of the towel in your house!  If you are the winner, you have to send me your address, or I can't mail you your towel.  Please follow the rules, or the winner will have to be someone else.  I'll wrap your towel all cute so you'll feel extra special.  It's a late (ore early) birthday present!

Here are the ones I just finished for the Bazaar:
The khaki one says, "Mom's Kitchen"-it's in lime and hard to read!
 Don't you need one?!


The Ware's said...

Love the towels... and so enjoyed having Mary Claire last night - the girls had such fun! I'm glad she's getting better checking herself but I'm sure it is so totally nerve wracking for you... thanks for trusting us with her last night - I'm sure it's not an easy thing to do when you can't just run over here and check on her yourself (even though you're more than welcome to do so!) :o)

Holly said...

Sandra-thank you! : ) I made cookies too, and I'll have to bag them in the morning. We just got home and got settled-it's 11:19pm!! With the Kappa Delta thing tomorrow, this will officially be the longest weekend ever! : ) Glad you guys had fun-you are soo sweet, I know you have to be exhausted. She did fine-when she got in the car, we checked her, and she was 74-wow!! Just perfect.
Thanks for having her-she had so much fun!!