Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Birthday!

We've partied this weekend!  Mary Claire had fun learning to frost a cake in honor of Juliette Low's birthday (founder of Girl Scouts) on Saturday at Cake Party. 

We got pictures of the girls while they were waiting to start.

This is my friend, Tina, who does a great job of teaching the girls how to use the frosting bags-and some of the different tips! (and isn't she adorable?  I told her I *heart* that apron!  She was using it to wipe off the tips, and I was so stressed she would stain it.  She said it always washes right out!)

They are listening so well!

 They started with a cupcake and a cookie.
Mary Claire's really concentrating on spreading her frosting.  Tina gave them a lesson in spreading: you squirt out some frosting on your cookie, then dip your finger in water, then you can spread it!  It gives it kind of a glazed look, depending on how thick you frost it!
 Here's how hers turned out:
It's upside-down, but it's a GS for Girl Scouts, and a triangle try-it for cake decorating.  (And also two hearts with marshmallows in the center.)
 She was looking at all the pictures-she found two of her friends whose parties she'd been to:

 And here's Emily's cake (beautiful!):

Then, we went home, finished up some stuff, and it was time to party for Clay!

We finished making little flags to go in the cupcakes (a whole other story...I had SO much trouble getting a cake made.  I ordered one, but it didn't work out/lots of stress/called somewhere else-they couldn't take any more orders/couldn't get a cake with a big picture, so we did cupcakes!)  Sadly, I don't have a picture!  They were gray with black and blue sprinkles, with these little flags:

 These are the gift bags that we filled with Megamind toys and candy!

I snapped a few pictures of them partying (you can't hear the roar..) (and I can see Ethan starting to cry-he got the wrong goody bag-I'd put his name on the bottom, but he didn't get it-we had to get him the right toy!)

Yay!  He got his toy! : )

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Clay, Happy Birthday to you!  Kennedy fit all ten candles into one cupcake, just like he requested! : )

The girls all sat together on the other side of the room (and they were angels!):

Last time, we didn't have quite as many kids, so the tables were pushed together, and we only needed two table cloths...But.
This time we had to separate tables-and the tablecloths were a little short.  The kids didn't care, so I adopted their laissez faire attitude! : )  No stress, really!
 Here are a few of the pictures of Clay with his friends.  I tried to take pictures Clay with his friends so I can make photo thank you notes for him to send:

Did I mention he got three teeth pulled on Tuesday?  His smile looks so different now!  The new ones should grow in over the next year.

New games for us to play!  And Mary Claire can't wait to check it out! : ) heehee

I think I took five pictures-Colton was hilarious! This was the best one. : )

Cuties-every one of them!

They'd all cleared out (check out the messy tables!), and we were bringing up the rear.  Did everyone get their drink and popcorn?

Obviously, I didn't take any in the theater!  It was a wonderful movie-I won't tell you how it ends, but I think the reviews might.  So sweet-and just like life.  When there is no hero, good rises up from somewhere else. : ) 

Tomorrow: Caramel Pecan Pumpkin Bread Pudding: Amazing!

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