Thursday, November 4, 2010

La-ti-da, I love it when I get a new look! : )  Just over an hour, and woo-hoo (as good as a pedicure!)!
So, fall is upon us people.  Did you see those trees in Arkansas?  They are about two weeks late-but ah-mazing!  I tried to take pictures for you out my window on the way to get Ches for lunch, but it was hard.  I even rolled down my window-and saw another deer standing in the middle of the street.  Challenging me?  Then he saw I won the round last week, and he ran off.  (Maybe I should wait to get it fixed-war wounds are cool.)

I'm sure you can tell, but antibiotics are miracle drugs.  I'm feeling 100% better than Tuesday, and 85% better overall.  I'm starting to get my groove back (I know it wasn't that cool to start with, but it's better than bedhead and noisy coughing!).

So, back to work!  We were at Chick-Fil-A (work out and eat + at the same time = novel!) (ok, your kid works out, but then they are t-i-r-e-d).  So, I see this little boy who looks like someone I knew when I was little.  He was my brother's age, and he is a spitting image!  So, I get a lot of gumption (I can be this way), and I go to the mom and ask if she's married to my (childhood) friend, Brandon.  And..YES!  (score 1 for me!)  She is super sweet, adorable, and yes, she bred with my friend.  I'm telling you, if I'd had my camera, I'd have taken pictures to do some matching contest.  It was honestly my clue.  If she'd said no, I would have had to make an excuse for being totally weird (yes, common too).

So we talked, and she's pregnant again, and I know her in-laws (they are both gorgeous! and we discussed their hair..), and we talked about the library, and Mom's Club (which I totally go to all the events with my friend Veronica, but I've never joined!  maybe you have to live in Fayetteville to be in the Fayetteville Moms Club?)-but we've never ran into each other.  God lined up that meeting, that's for sure!  I bet I'll see her all over now.  I love to meet new people. Isn't that why you stay in one area for a while-to be a part of it?

Ok-I'm sure you are wondering about my baby Ethan.  He was not-so-good yesterday, and was generally not listening.  He didn't sit quietly at story time, he got too much soap, too many paper towels (a pile on the floor?), played behind the bathroom door, then at nap moved toys between him and another child, then told one of the teachers that his momma was going to be mad at them.  That was the last straw.  She took him to the principal's office (he has no idea what that is-it's just another mom or teacher as far as he knows).  So, I got a note, called his teacher last night, and told her he was looking for boundaries.  She's really sweet, and needs to talk more sternly to him, and I told her we use the Time Out chair (not her favorite, but she said she'd use it).  He is absolutely not perfect, but he's pretty good for me.  BUT, I don't let him get away with stuff.  (If you need to object, please use email.)

So, we were in Little Rock making a stop into my doctor's office, and I had a little to discuss with them!  I paid for my surgery back in September, but they billed my insurance anyway! I was all mad at first, but then....they paid!  Yeah, I know! : )  So, I have all these EOB's (Explanation Of Benefits) from my insurance company that they were paid, then I get these bills from the doctor and anesthesiologist's office with my "balance".  Ha!  So, I went in with all these forms, and I did indeed have a credit.  I couldn't be more excited!  I might get almost $2000 back.  We'll see when I actually get it.  It was a little weird.  Here I am, in front of them, and they didn't write me a check.  But, they said they'd work on it in the morning, and cut me a check.  I mean, I could've saved them 42 cents!

While we were down there, we found out that McDonald's had already started selling the Happy Meal toys for the Megamind movie!  I went in to buy them (since I didn't want to take up drive-thru time).  I asked which ones they had, and a manager said only the little Snapper Brainbot (stun-gun) thing.  I got four, and then she came out with the good guy (Metro Man-is this funny to anyone but me?  It is Brad Pitt) and Megamind, so I got seven of each.  I think it was three transactions as I kept deciding to buy more and more, then I didn't know if Springdale would have the cool ones!  The only other one I'd like is the Minion (the floaty fish in the helmet?)-he's cute. ; )

Alrighty, folks, I gotta make gift bags for the party, and Ches said something about a cake...I'll add it to my list! : )

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