Monday, November 22, 2010

Green Amour

Hey ya'll!  Little busy 'round here! : )  My tiny boy thought he'd help his daddy jump in rake leaves, and try out those leaf bags for size! heehee

While they were having fun, I had some work to do.  I debated on fabrics, and got some towels-Clay's teacher has a birthday on Wednesday, and we are going to have a party tomorrow!
Mrs. Lee likes green, polka dots, and stripes!

This is the first one: Love, Joy, & Peace (I switched them around this time!)

Then I tried a new applique font for her last name!
Here are the two together-I coordinated them, just in case she's ever using both at the same time. : )
Then, when it only took me two hours, I decided to keep going!  I made a few cards to add to her little package. : )  I knew I wanted them to kinda match the towels, so I got out some green ink, and pondered over cards.  I picked ecru, so I knew my theme: jute string, french stamps, an *L* for Lee, and a little green ribbon:

I added little crown stamps to the backs of the envelopes-I was very impressed with the stamps-they inked beautifully!  (I hadn't used all of them before)
I inked the backs too: Eiffel Towers, keys, and some Amour!
Yes, I've done plenty more in the past couple days, but do you really want to hear about it? No! : ) hahaha
I've just been up late shopping for applique designs online (got some free too!), helped my sweet Ethan recover from his tummy bug, and discovered laundry mating and multiplying behind my back!

We're going to go ahead and have another Real Thanksgiving this week, and make another turkey.  Not going to be a huge deal, but we do enjoy good food! : )  I usually make a yummy pumpkin pie with a crunchy pecan topping, but not this year-I bought a frozen pie!  (shhh-don't tell anyone!)  I guess there won't be any pictures of that one.
We can't wait for the kids to get out!  Tuesday is their last day, and Ethan's last day was today.  Tuesday afternoon Ches is planning to take Clay to see the new Harry Potter movie (I'm grossed out by it-so the rest of us will stay home), and Wednesday we are going to see the newest Disney movie, Tangled!  It looks so good, so I can't wait.  I'd love to shop on Friday-this will be a fun week! : )  What are you thankful for?


Jen Snow said...

I LOVE the towels and cards! Great Job!! My sewing is the basics. ;~) Have a great Thanksgiving!

Holly said...

Thank you, Jen! : ) I do like to be creative! Mrs. Lee liked the towels, so I'll have to make her more stuff...and she has an 18-month-old, so that's a whole new world! bibs, shirts, haha-fun!
Thanks, you have a great Thanksgiving too!