Friday, November 19, 2010

Bless my Friends

My baby is still sick, but getting better.  He hasn't thrown up today, so Yay! (progress)  He's held down lots of liquids, and now toast and fruit snacks.  He's sleeping now, and I hope he's healing.  Lots of prayers going up!

I haven't gotten to shop since he got sick, so I don't have a kitchen towel to monogram.  I'm so bummed!  I even have new stuff to work on, but it's hard to sew and hold my baby, and rub his tummy.  We've pushed the pause button for the week!

I had a meeting with Mary Claire's teacher this morning.  She hasn't been doing her best work, and she's too smart to not.  We are going to find a cool homework folder this weekend, and whatever she doesn't finish in the day will go in there.  She can be messy (surprise!), so things get lost, and sometimes she totally redoes them, then finds them.  She also hadn't turned in some spelling sentences, and one of them was in her folder finished.  The others we couldn't find, so she'll be working on those this weekend!  She's in the high reading group, but if she doesn't pull her weight, she'll have to move down.  I think it'd be letting her off easy!  We'll see how she does.  She likes to put forth the minimum effort required, unless it's something she's chosen to do (not unlike lots of us!).  I get it, but this is school, and she'll have to do better.

We have two teacher birthdays coming up in the next week, so we are hustling.  One is on Wednesday when the kids are out of school, and we have cupcakes, a picture of the kids with the mat signed by them, and then the kids are all going to bring little things.  The other is next Monday (after break), and we don't have a for-sure plan, but another mom and I are going to watch her class in the afternoon so she can leave early-I hope she does something fun! (not get groceries!)  She's so sweet, so we just asked her what we could do.  She couldn't think of anything, but another teacher said we should give her a nap-time, so it got us thinking! : )  We'll just watch the kids, and she can run away. : )  I'm thinking I'll make one teacher some stationery maybe.  She is super-thankful and sends lots of thank you cards, so she could use them! : )

We had requested a babysitter for tonight, but she never told us for sure, so I have a feeling it's No now.  She was trying to get tickets to see Harry Potter (I think Ches is going to take Clay next Tuesday after school!).  Anyway, Ethan is sick, so it's not the best night.  It is nice to go out and reconnect, but maybe we'll talk next week. heehee : )

Ok, Thanksgiving is in less than a week!  Hmm..what am I thankful for?  My friends.  My childhood friends who shared playdates, backyards, and dolls with me.  My junior high friends who shared secrets, notes, and sleepovers with me.  My high school friends who shared shoes, boyfriends, and car rides with me.  My college friends who shared more notes (class this time!), decorating ideas, and lesson plans with me.  My teacher friends who shared books, time, and copy paper with me.  My baby momma friends who shared potty training, shopping, and maternity clothes with me.  And my big-kid momma friends who share party ideas, school help, and their kids with me.  I love you all dearly.  I'm so thankful I got the chance to know you and adore you even if we are miles apart now! xoxox

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