Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Hey Ya’ll!  Has it been busy for you too?  I got sick, and it so slowed me down!  I kept saying that I had to get better-I had things to do.  I’m sure I just couldn’t take anymore-after all the stuff I’ve been doing outside my house, with guidelines (I’m more of a free-artsy type-with neat tendencies. heehee).  Anyway, every time I do a party, I get sick!  I think it’s just stress trying to get it all done.  I’ll have to refuse next time they ask based on my health, and past experience. (Ha!  Let’s see how well that goes over!)

Anyway, we’ve had a Halloween!  The kids were storybook characters on Friday, but Calvin didn’t translate so well going door-to-door.  Clay said he just looked like a kid in a red striped shirt!  He wanted to buy a new costume (and I did go by Target Sunday afternoon), but no luck.  So, he pulled out our basic backup: the ghost.  We have a white sheet with eye holes that we keep around just for this reason!  We need another back up-the Ghost just doesn’t show up in pictures! : )

Here’s one of our favorite babsitters and her friends: (I’m glad they aren’t too old to trick-or-treat!  They don’t need to grow up too fast!)

And remember those luminaries we made at the party?  I had some candles left, so: Voila!  I think we had 10 including our practice ones and Clay’s from school!  It looked good, and when one fell over, the sand fell into the candle, and put it out right away-no fire (yay!):

And this is their bounty:

after Trip One-Clay went back out again!  We always buy their candy so they don’t eat it, so Clay wanted to up his dollar amount (he’s still earning to buy stocks!)  We offered 10 cents a piece, but we meant chocolate!  The starburst and Dum-dums should only be about 3-5 cents, but we went 10 cents.  Now, they picked a few to eat and keep, but I’ve got the rest.  (Ahh…power! Hahaha!)  Actually, we bagged up all of Clay’s extra, and he wants to take it to Mrs. Lee for her candy jar.  (She’ll have to get a bigger jar!)

Now, we are on to the next big thing: Clay’s party!  He’s having a Megamind movie-watching party this Saturday.  He’s getting excited, and Mary Claire is too.  She changed our Pig’s sign from Halloween to Clay’s birthday.  I’m glad that the kids take on some responsibility-I’ve been in bed sick, so I appreciate the help!  Next up: take down all that Halloween stuff! : )

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