Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Computers-We have more than we realize

Moved a room of furniture, an armoire, tv and all-important Wii! It literally was the least expensive way to add a room to our house! We have a living room that we NeVeR live in, and I was up this morning wanting to Wii (without waking up Ches, or having him watch me hula hoop!), and a plan was hatched. I came in, woke him up, and laid out the idea. I love that he just goes with the flow! We moved the furniture all around (including trading out an armoire with a hutch), played with it, and voila! We were in there all day! (and Ethan could watch Ruby and Max unbothered in the hearth room, so he was happy too) Just magical.
I knew there was a way to wake that room up (besides lime green paint). A tv just draws people sometimes, as much as we try to avoid it. And I fit in 40 minutes of Wii Fit today! Woo hoo!
My toenails had forgotten what nail polish felt like...until today! I finally took some time for me, which was nice. I got a small nap (I could finally breathe after getting some antibiotics yesterday), made dinner (steak and fries!), and Mary Claire and I made banana bread for dessert. She actually did most of it since I was making dinner too. We played Apples to Apples (for the 40th time..I think they are losing interest-they were totally acting up tonight!). Oh yeah, and I got a bath (I know, hahahaha. Seriously, I only have time for showers!), washed my sheets and remade my bed (dropped the electric blanket and added the big fluffy duvet).
We just found out Mary Claire was still awake! (10:40pm!) Ches could see all the computers that have ever accessed our internet, and there was a live one! It was my little girl, yes, age 7, on the computer!! She got a DSi for Christmas, and we knew it had the word "Web", but we'd never used it, or even tried it. Well, apparently she did! She just smiled, and told Ches so excitedly how much she loved her DS (for the 82nd time!). Oh My Gosh. She'd been to several websites already, and she knew the parental password! I have to say I didn't set it up, and haven't played with it too much (besides the Picto-Chat), but it is truly a mini-computer. We really had no idea. We'll have to start collecting their cute little colored computers as they head up to bed. I didn't think we'd hit this stage for a few more years! : O

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