Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Mind's Busy!

Ches asks why I watch these shows-they just make me cry.  Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice just make me cry. : (  I think I like that they are so real that I can feel what they are feeling.  That or I'm hormonal?  I cried at Bunko too-just feelings really close to the surface.

Long day today when I was home all day and had no adult contact. : )  We played on the computer a little bit, played train, I made him macaroni (and wasted the rest!), played pretend games (his latest favorite!  We play store, Wal-Mart, Chick-Fil-A, and he repairs my stuff!), and I got laundry and some cleaning done, and got a shower while Ethan was still asleep for nap.  When I went up to wake him up (since I didn't want him to sleep too long!), around 3 o'clock, he wasn't in his bed!  I looked all around, and was starting to get really worried.  I found him on the dining room floor-covered up with his blanket.  It was so sweet.  Funny, when you find them, they just seem so innocent, fragile even.

We're trying to plan a trip away maybe in March.  It's very hard to be gone from Mary Claire for very long.  It seems that five days is the maximum limit for her pump site.  We have found the cheapest airfare, but it's for seven days.  It's a hard thing to plan around-but it seems to be the most important.  I could whine about it sucking and not wanting to deal with it, but I really don't have a choice.  One day she will be able to do it herself, but not yet.  I have to let her be a little girl for a while longer.

There are so many things on my mind-and not enough time.  Here's my list:
new purse?
activity across the street-a new family should be moving in soon
I have to get Mary Claire in to see the orthodontist
I need to clean my closet
Dinner for tomorrow
Hair appointment tomorrow-so glad it's finally here!  But can't have a playdate and go to the library!

Ethan's ear
Why Ethan doesn't sleep all through the night any more
Mary Claire's grades
Clay's appointment Monday morning to see how his evaluation went
Why my friend didn't write me back when I wrote her after she asked about my pregnancy and why I hadn't mentioned it lately.
Laundry in the dryer
Clay's pinewood derby car that keeps breaking.  In different places.
Need. More. Sleep.


The Ware's said...

Sleep is the key!! :o) That's what I say all the time about the kids too..just gets you ready for whatever the day will throw at you... I'll be thinking about you - you have a lot on your plate!

Anonymous said...

I agree Sandra. Sleep. Not Jimmy Kimmel:O) lol

Holly said...

Heehee, I really do need more! I set a timer so I wouldn't be on too long tonight! : )
I'll try to get him to turn it off earlier...
: )