Saturday, January 30, 2010

Plain Ol' Busy Day, and I'm Too Tired to Think of a Name

My kids have trouble obeying.  Close your DSi.  Get your coat on.  How hard is that?  Clay continues to argue with me, “Why can’t I finish it?”  “I have to save it!”  I believe it’s true that if you are in the middle of a game, and you shut it, it’ll pause and save.  If not, prove me wrong.  I can put that thing back where it came from (or so help me)! (think Mike Wazowski’s song on Monsters, Inc.)  Argh.  Why do we buy them Christmas gifts anyway?  It’s about Jesus.

We are now at the Scouting Museum, and Ches failed to mention that it’s Boy Scouts.  Ethan fell asleep in the ten minutes it took us to get lost, recalculated, and arrive.  I’m sitting in the car with him while they learn about *boy* scouting.  It’s also a Family Research Center or something like that.  I might be interested in the research. Does it have anything to do with parents going crazy over kids not listening?  I could write the leads to reduction of privileges, time spent without the offending gadget, and does not promote warm family memories. (ps-Ches tells me there are now belt loops to be earned for computer games! and patches for travel/road trips-we cold nail those!)

Other Big News: We’ve lost Ethan’s paci.  It is in the hotel SOMEwhere, but we’ve turned it upside down, and can’t find it.  I left the lady a note telling her we lost it, and I hope she sees it and can read it.  I guess it wouldn’t be the most horrible thing in the world.  It’s about time.  He had it one minute and the next: it was gone.  I have no idea where he could’ve put it.

He brought me some leftover Zeppoli from Olive Garden (while I was in the shower) (Ches was asleep), and I told him he could have it and to come back to me (to wash his hands) when he was done.  So, I thought it might be in the refrigerator, but no.  We found a glass in the cabinet (with water in it!) the hard way (all over my arm) later this morning, so we checked all the cabinets thinking he might have been up there.  I mean, who puts away a glass with water in it?  Which leads me to the ants in our closet!!  I killed the ones I could, picked up the stuff in there, shook it all out, then scrubbed the bottom of the closet with a hot wet washcloth, hopping to smear around their squished dead bodies/wipe out the smell-path that their friends might follow.  I called down and asked that they bug spray the closet while we are gone.  No, there was no food in there, so I don’t know what they were drawn to!  Ick.

**9 hours later…
We are back at the hotel for the night.  We’ve been to Chipotle for a late lunch (and considered buying a franchise, seriously, but they only have 10 independently owned restaurants out of 832, so the chances are low that we could get one, as they are all corporate-owned, and they are buying back their stock from McDonalds currently to own everything, so not such a good chance), the Performance Bike store for Ches, then to church at St. Thomas Aquinas, then on to IKEA, then back to the hotel for swimming, cinnamon rolls, and baths.  They are all sound asleep now, and I'll be there soon.

We aren't sure what to do tomorrow.  We'd planned to come home, but it still sounds like the roads are bad and there may not be school on Monday.  Church was canceled at home today and the kids' PRE is canceled for tomorrow.  We would like it if they could call school by noon tomorrow, but it's not an ideal world.  Our goal is to be able to get home safely.  There are major hills (big bridges HIGH off the ground!) between here and there, and there's not really anywhere between here and there that we'd like to stop.  So, it's here or there.  We've gotta learn when to hold 'em, learn when to fold 'em, learn when to walk away, know when to run. . .

The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.  Isaiah 58:11

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