Monday, January 4, 2010

Buzz Lightyear is Singing!

Sometimes I read my old posts and think I could be my friend (you know, hypothetically, if I wasn't me). Heehee She has feelings like me! and is experiencing things I've experienced! If only it was that easy. Very few people have walked the road I'm on (or maybe they have, but haven't told me). I didn't want to be an expert at these things.
I found this tiny piece of pinkish red skin/tissue/stuff on my finger today after my shower, and I have to say (crazy as it sounds, don't think I haven't dismissed my own thoughts thirty-two times) it looks like a teensy baby. Albeit, the size of two poppy seeds squished together. I kept rolling it in my fingers thinking it would spread out or break up, but it didn't. I saved it in alcohol, and if I get up the nerve, I'll ask my doctor to send it for lab work. I'd just love to know what happened. Even if it was bad. Well, even though it was bad.
Ches did not dismiss me as totally psychotic, so that's good. He's great that way. He allows me to be creative or imaginative, or just to believe God put it in my hand.
So, today I had a horrible headache (and the receptionist did not think I was funny when she asked what was wrong and I told her about the noisy kids home from school and my splitting headache), made it through the snow-packed roads (and some cleared ones!), and got some antibiotics for my sinus infection (contributing equally with the noisy kids towards the headache). Ches drove me, and the kids watched Toy Story in the van and played with their cool new toys (that I've begun to understand!).
We went to eat at Olive Garden, and it was really nice. We sat in the big round booth (good), and the kids could see the hostesses reading a big book with the name in bold print, including the word ASS (bad) (It was The Big Ass Book of something-or-other Recipes), then giggled constantly until I asked our waitress if she could move the book. I sampled the wine (good), and got a buzz instantly from the teensy bit I had so decided not to order a glass. We played with the kids' DSi's and chatted back and forth until our salad came, and Ethan yelled out, "Awesome" when he saw the salad full of cheese and croutons! (made the waitress laugh!) Then we all loved dinner (and I turned my head as Mary Claire ate over a hundred grams of carbs). We even ordered dessert-the little pillow-looking doughnut things with the chocolate and raspberry sauces. They were amazing, really. Ethan looked at us all (as in unbelief), and shouted, "Buzz Lightyear is singing!" That was the funniest! It was totally Frank Sinatra (who I love!), and he thought it was his hero. Silly thing, he is. Anyway, after Mary Claire licked the chocolate sauce cup clean (with a knife, no less) and Clay licked the raspberry one till I shouted, we all took turns washing (all the sugary stuff off our fingers), then made a trip to Wal-Mart to get ready for our next big snowfall.
We already know there's no school tomorrow, and the snow is tomorrow night. I'm planning to go to Branson this weekend, so we got groceries for Ches this weekend too (including easy dinners).
I have debated the merits of shopping in single-degree temps at an outdoor shopping area, but the draw is just too strong. Although I'm totally considering looking up some flights out of here (LA maybe?) for the weekend. We find these great $39 each way flights, and how fun to shed a coat for a couple days?
I didn't resolve to work out this year, but I did pull out the Wii, and it was so happy to see me! He jumped up and down, and told me it'd been over 300 days since he'd seen me last. Heap on the guilt, old friend. He also told me I'd gained 4.9 pounds, but on the upside, I'd dropped my Wii Fit age! Now, I'm only 30.
After my third visit up to see Ethan (at his screaming requests), I think I'll settle down for bed. He stays in his bed, with his door open, but it's always something. I think it's just a phase. He's been doing well for the past couple months or so, but I just cleaned his room, and took out the pack-n-play that had been in there for the past month! (He loves hotels and pack-n-plays!)
What are we resolving, really? I think I'm headed towards health-less caffeine, more fruits and veggies (notice my non-use of measurable goals?), maybe (big and fat maybe) more exercise (just in case, I stopped tonight before I got tired-so I would want to come back tomorrow), and cleaning out the house (still the "dusty" goal).

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