Sunday, August 16, 2009

Endocrinology and Emotion

I just threw up in my throat. Again! It has to stop. I have run out of my Protonix (remember my reflux problem that was causing my sore throat and missing voice?), and my problem seems to have intensified. It burns and really aggravates me! I have eaten three Tums-maybe it'll tone down my acid? I know. A call to my doctor is the only solution. : )

The reason I didn't blog on Thursday (and maybe Friday...) was because of Mary Claire's endocrinology appointment at Children's Hospital. It was an emotional visit, which I didn't expect, and one for which I wasn't prepared.

We made the long drive Thursday morning (which took me longer than I'd allowed!), and had a great lunch with our friends Junko and Emily. It was a wonderful visit-the girls just played and we got to talk diabetes. I don't have that many friends who have kids with diabetes, and we can always learn something from one another (and I think the girls do too!).

We went into the doctor, and everything was going well. But then it all came crashing down. Dr. Morales has insisted that Mary Claire use alternate pump sites (the location where her pump tubing clicks into a site/port that goes under her skin and gets changed every three days). Anyway, we've had some high blood sugars, and she thinks our sites might be part of the problem. After you've used the same location(s) over and over and over (five years to be exact), you build up scar tissue. Her doctors have been telling us this for years. She needed to try other site locations: tummy, back of her arm, front of her thigh, etc. She wouldn't hear of it, and I just blindy believed that if we kept the sites healthy, changed, moved them around, that she'd be okay. I didn't think she'd build up scar tissue. I just didn't. It was my baby, and I wanted to do whatever would make her most comfortable (second in line after not having it at all). So, now she actually has scar tissue. That's why we've seen some highs in the last couple of weeks.

Long(er) story short, I changed her site this morning (after another high), and she was still 246 this morning! I tried her tummy for a site after much bribing (two new outfits from Gymboree-watermelons and cakes/dots), dinner out, time with Gigi, etc.). She cried the entire time, wanted medicine, needed loving and hugs, and was generally pathetic. Now I'm the Bad Guy. I hate that. I don't have a choice. I have to do what works to keep her alive, and moving her sites around is that option. If she goes back to shots (uh, no thanks!), she could give her bottom a rest, but that's not really an option either. I'm between a rock and a hard place here. So, give me a break, say some prayers, and give me some suggestions?

The other thing that the doctor said we had to do was drop two snack times and add more protein to her meals. That is tough since MY BABY LOVES HER FOOD! Especially her snacks. It's about the only joy she gets right now. So, this week as school gets ready to start (another even crashing into our schedule!), we are having to wean her rather quickly. She's going to drop her morning snack, and her 1:30 school snack. She's used to having them (especially all summer!), but they have to go. Her doctor said, and I quote, "She isn't a baby, and she has to stop eating like one! She is a big girl, and doesn't need all those snacks!" This comes after they (Arkansas Children's Hospital) taught me to care for her, set up our meal plan, and I dutifully obeyed. Well. Now the dietician (precious Lisa who helped us at diagnosis five years ago), says they don't teach all the snacks and frequent eating to maintain blood sugars anymore. They've had tons of kids have real trouble breaking the habit, so they've ceased the teachings. Fine time to tell me.

At first it was mucho difficulto. It has gotten easier, as she's eating larger meals. Like breakfast today was oatmeal (33 grams), scrambled eggs (good protein, no carbs), and two slices of toast (24 grams), and fit right into her 40-60 gram breakfast recommended by Lisa. She used to just eat one thing, but we are having to play with protein (such fun!). She can also combine yogurt, but no bread then. It's working, but requiring me to CoOk in the morning hours! : O Can I keep it up? and for how long?

So call me the Emotional Bad Guy (Girl?) who gets to take it from both sides. It's never easy being a parent. And where's that manual I requested?

Any good suggestions for breakfasts or lunches with protein? (that are not loaded down with fat?)


Gigi said...

Check your email. L&H

Holly said...

YOu are awesome! : ) thank you!! I've now joined a couple of sites. : ) I have been looking for help, but maybe not in the right places! I posted today's blog on one site. heehee There is so much out there! : )

Hope we do have a buyer. I'm praying for it to work out for them! : ) That'd make two families mighty happy!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm...Not that I am your Mom or anything special...but a very concerned person...this eating late and having reflux has to stop TODAY...

We all most take the utmost care of our diets.

And that is for who are concerned and caring.


Ask and it shall be given...


Anonymous said...

Okay. I joined FACEBOOK.

If Charlotte can do it, I can do it.


Holly said...

My last meal was at TGIFriday's, and that was at 5:40! My only snack was 3 Tums!!

The Ware's said...

Oh Holly - so sorry - I'm sure all this is not easy.. ugh! If there's anything I can do - please let me know... thinking of you...

Holly said...

Thank you. : ) You are doing all you can. Take care of yourself! How's your sickness going? ps-I'm right there with you! : ) heehee