Thursday, August 6, 2009

Surgery. Another reason not to have a job.

Today is the big Surgery Day. We’re at the hospital right now. He’s been taken back to get gas, and then a breathing tube and an iv after he’s out. He’s a little nervous, but he’ll be fine. He’s a little excited, and has been counting the days until surgery! He’s excited about breathing better. I read in the parent info that he may not breathe better for a week or two, and that worried him. The doctor said probably sooner than that. She’s so sweet.

They will take out his adnoids (adenoidectomy-don’t you just love English? You can add –ectomy to anything!), put in PE (pressure equalizing) tubes in his ears, and check out his terbinates. They will probably have to be reduced since they didn’t get much smaller during the last two weeks with our friend, the Nose Spray, of whom he was not fond!

*I can hear a small child screaming. Waking up is scary and disorienting. This reminds me of when Mary Claire and Ethan got their tubes in… hope it goes better today.

The anesthesiologist was so nice. His son had similar surgery (adnoids and tonsils) two weeks ago, and was telling us about his son, Ian. He had to stay on the prescription (Tylenol with codeine) to keep a handle on the pain. He said it was pretty rough for a week, which is Soooo Not what I was expecting. Ches was planning to take him to his first soccer practice (of the season) tonight. I don’t think he’ll make it (nor should he). I think Ches just wants him to meet his new coach and the kids on his team. But, I think he’ll be too sleepy from his medication to go.

*Ok, the screaming has stopped, so I’m better now.

Ches has gone to get some drinks and lunch. We figured we’d better eat before he comes back. He’ll get his pick of drinks/fluids, but he can’t eat hard food for a while-maybe even a week! Especially his precious veggies. He can’t have hard (raw) fruits or veggies for two weeks. He might just cry when he finds out!

House Update: I helped Mom again night before last to paint the kitchen. All that’s left is painting the hallway and the front door. We’re almost there! Say a prayer that it’ll sell soon! Know anyone who needs a house? In Cave Springs with some land? : ) It’s soo much better! Especially now that it’s gotten some loving.

*Another child crying…

School starts in 13 days. I can’t believe it’s almost time! It’s funny how the kids just counted the days till summer, and now they are counting days till they go back. I was seriously considering home schooling them, but it’s not going to happen. First, I don’t really have support. Ches really doesn’t think I should do it (he does however support them going to Catholic school), and Mom doesn’t either. They both think I need time to do my busywork (anywhere from laundry and groceries to meeting with friends to decorating houses to sewing and embroidering to cardmaking and scrapbooking to cooking and helping others, etc.). I do have a huge to-do list. I’d like to think I could put “my” life on hold to help my kids, but maybe it’s not in the cards for me this year. I’m okay with that. Sometimes the people around you can see into your crystal ball better than you can! And…I can see into theirs better than they can! That’s why God gave us families and sweet friends. : )

Another idea I’m toying with (but got turned down for the third time)…I just think I need a shop. Or store. Or play place away from home (another reason I shouldn’t homeschool?). I found a good location, and want to revitalize an area that needs some fun, and Ches told me again it’s not the right time. I think he wants all the kids in school first, and he likes me home. I do agree that someone has to run the house (pay bills, laundry, groceries, cook, make the bed, watch the yard, etc.), and who better to do it? I think a woman is the perfect person to home-make. I just want more. I can see why so many women work these days. I really do. There is this old (unspoken) argument over which (or who) is better: the mom who stays home and sacrifices her education and income to nurture her children or the mom who continues to work while her kids are in daycare (and eventually school). There is no clear cut winner. They both struggle, just with different issues (like missing their kids vs. want to get away from the kids for a few minutes). I just GeT it. Anyway, I won’t have a business/shop anytime in the immediate future.

Ps-Clay’s out, and he’s okay. Little tough right at first, but we’re 40 minutes away from going home now. He’s up to popsicles, so there’s progress.


Gigi said...

My sweet and precious first grandson...I know how well you take care of him, but for a day or so, sort of hold him down to the 'slow-to-mid-slow speed'. He loves your soup and marshmallows and diet root beer and tender loving care.. He will rebound quickly. When I first saw his almost ice-white face coming thru the door, I was a bit scared. He "pinked up" really quickly after a bit of food, etc.

Yes, it was me sneaking him marshmallows under the blanket. ;o)

I remember his first twenty minutes of life and he was so tiny and frail, then before my eyes he turned blue in the nicu unit at the hospital. I literally knocked on the nurses station (preemie) window, they were busy with other babies and ignored me, and I ran around to the door and beat on it, finally they saw what was going on and they matter of factly just jostled his little naked body and arm then he turned pink again, but his grandma was about to have a heart attack....

So long ago, but the memory could be yesterday.. How precious are our sweet children. May the good Lord watch over them always..and then a bit more..

Holly said...

I need the good Lord to watch over them always and DaiLy! : ) Keep praying for my babies. Weird how they are always your babies, isn't it?

He's better, I think. He has eaten all day-jello, two more bowls of soup, refried beans, pudding, ice cream sandwich..and wanted more. The last time he got up to go to the bathroom, he didn't bleed, so he's maybe scabbing over?

Gigi said...

That is very good for Clay! He is in my prayers my sweet daughter. If you need anything, call out my name and I will come running..

Back to 'the home' today to finish the hallway. She is going to come and paint the front door today, although I can't imagine why it needs to be removed to be painted? I have painted all of mine as the whimsey hits me, and numerous times, and nothing happened except the doors had new and amazing color on them...

There is nothing like a freshly painted front door and new mat with a massive fern to welcome the ones you love (and the UPS man with his boxes of treasures). Sort of the jewel of the front of the home..

Okay, I am off to see the wizard..


Holly said...

I SO love to paint a door. I just don't have a paint-able door anymore!

Thanks for watching the kids tonight-we had fun! Julie & Julia was wonderful. Makes me want to celebrate and cry all at the same time. : ) Just precious.

Hope you got a lot done. I might be able to help after the boy scout lunch/meeting tomorrow or Sunday after church? You are almost done!