Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pushing Buttons. MY Buttons

Sorry about my last post. I mega-edited it, and therefore took out half of the content (ie: my obsessing). It was just too much. Sorry if you caught it. : (

So. We were planning to go camping last night, just me and Mary Claire with the girl scouts. She was (and is) so high, it just wasn't okay to be away from home. She was 268 this morning, and at lunch, she was 396. I know-horrible. She's just so thirsty (nasty side effect that helps your body rehydrate and flush blood sugar).

To compensate for not going, we took her to a (sugar free) tea party in Bentonville at the Crumpet Tea Room (Express-not to be confused with the old Crumpet Tea Room in Rogers, as they "haven't been associated in years"). She got all dressed up-on her own-in Sunday's church dress (I made no comment), and her pearls. She also dressed up Bella (her unicorn best friend) in a fancy dress that matched her Easter dress last year, and Elizabeth (my Lee Middleton doll that she's adopted for her own) in some of her old baby clothes-precious. So, we picked up Gigi and headed to Bentonville. She chose Ginger Peach tea in a teapot (and got unmatched teacups and saucers for her and Bella). She poured the tea, "sweetened" it, creamed it, and declared it "creamific" (she said it was creamy and terrific all mixed together)!

We went into a gift shop next door (Final Touch, I think), and looked at all their goodies. Gigi chose a beautiful Vera Bradley notebook with all sorts of fun things and a set of clippies to segregate all her musings. Then we went by Wal-Mart-the Bentonville is sooo different! And they were in the midst of moving and remodeling. We told Mary Claire she could spend $10 (I guess you can put a price tag on I'm Sorry), and she looked for almost an hour! The Barbie toys were split up between the old spot and the new location, so that required some time-and memory! She chose a Polly Pocket set, and was very happy with it. So happy, that she could barely wait to check out to open it! It was fun, and that was important to compensate for the loss of the camping.

Back at home, Ches was also compensating! He'd set up the new tent he got the kids. They were just sure they were going to sleep out under the stars last night! I stayed out with them (and my new Off! fans) until 10pm. I wanted them good and tired to SlEeP! Well. After I came in and started to get Ethan to bed (I know, wayy to late!), Mary Claire came in saying it was too hot out there! Not long afterward, Clay came in crying saying he wanted her to stay with him. So, he decided to stay inside, and wanted to know if I cared. ha! I wanted him in all along, but telling them what you think just backfires a lot, so I was glad he'd made the decision on his own! : )

Today it's been a revolving door of in-and-out. Because of the tent. And Ethan. It's been crazy! And we've had two peepee accidents. Ugh. We are back on the m&m routine, which is effective. I keep phasing it out after a good week of no accidents. Anyway, they are outside now (in the nasty heat), and I'm getting ready to check her again. She wants a go-gurt, but 396 is too high to eat! : O

Ok, 346. Too high to eat again. And she's throwing a fit. She no longer wants diabetes, and she wants to be like Clay and Ethan. So, let me just call in my order. I know it's hard, and I do feel sorry for her, but there's nothing I can do but pump insulin into her. It makes me hurt just to know she hurts.

Well, she's stayed in the 200's all day. We haven't gotten a number under 224 today. Boo. We'll have to change her site, this one may just be bad. She swam yesterday, and that always ruins a good site. I've got her set at 120% just to combat whatever it is, but who knows. Sometimes she runs high when she's getting ready to be sick (fighting it off). So check in on Thursday or Friday-it could be virus time! : P

I helped Mom paint, hang drapes and blinds this afternoon, (I've fed my family) and I'm running back over there right now (well, driving). Ches has been so good to watch the kids. He even offered to watch them so I could get back over there to get it finished up. This is week three (for Mom). It is never-ending. You could work on it for another month. There are always more things that could be done!

ps-This morning I had asked Clay to pick up the hearth room so I could vacuum it. I was working my way toward the carpet, when I glanced in there, and it was disgusting! It had been clean five minutes before, but it was then destroyed by billions of toys! First I got onto Ethan and told him to clean up!! Mary Claire was leaning over the rail from upstairs telling my Clay had gotten all the toys out to get me mad at Ethan (?). So I went to Clay and got onto him, and he'd said it was Her Idea! So, back to her. They said they wanted to make me mad at Ethan, and they shared responsibility. They also shared the clean up job. I have totally underestimated them. They can literally push my buttons. On Purpose! : O


The Ware's said...

Oh Holly - so sorry - I hope Mary Claire feels better soon. As far as the accidents go - we're in the same place here.. I actually looked it up because it's been strange here too - there's a full moon tomorrow!!

Gigi said...

~~Well today has been a long one..thirteen hours of good hard work..who knew I had it in me? You are certainly doing a great job with your expertise in the decoration/painting department! Thank you very very much!

And the cookies weren't bad either~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~COOKIE MONSTER~~~~~~~~~~~

It looks like we are wrapping up a pleasurable experience and the home looks fantastic, if I do say so myself.

If anyone desires a home in the country, north of Cave Springs, to be exact, please let Holly know for a 'showing'. Our staging is over, we just have a hallway to paint and then that's it. We would be glad to show it off.

If you desire a pony or a cow or a building lot, or a large fifteen hundred foot shop, this place is for you.

Also, we would be glad to come into your home and update your surroundings, tell you what you might need to redecorate, paint, remove wallpaper, update fixtures, etc. We will give you an estimate on the cost. In addition, if you have a home on the market that has not sold, we can update it and get it moving for you.

Sleep tight, lunch day out tomorrow, and your Bible Study, another busy day, but no paintbrush...


P.s. Tell Sissy to watch her mailbox tomorrow.

Gigi said...

Sissy is a cutie all dressed up and wearing her finest pearls and ribbons and sipping her perfectly prepared tea and watching over her little Bella and making grown-up conversation.

Thank you for adding the photo.

What fun we had~~ Hopefully there will be hundreds more tea parties in our futures..


Holly said...

We had so much fun!!! I meant to add more pix, but I'm so busy! I'll try to add a couple tonight...
Love you!
ps-Sandra, today she hit 49. : P We just can't get it right!!! Ps-we won't be at the library tonight, since we have Clay's ear/nose/throat surgery tomorrow morning! : ) Believe it or not, he's excited!