Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sewing Cupcakes

Wednesdays are the new Mondays-the night when Ches is gone to a training (used to be teaching on Monday nights, got out of that, and got himself right back into a night-gig!).
We're alone, and S-L-O-W!  Clay had baseball practice at Balls-n-Strikes (Very Cool place to practice batting, catching, etc. INDOORS!)  Wish I'd thought of it!  It's just a big warehouse.  That's it.  And some netting between each player/team, batting tees & helmets.  And a drink vending machine.  Uber cool.
All the boys were sweaty, and I got Clay a water, but I felt bad for all the other kids.  They may have had drinks, but next time I'll be taking a case of water.  They were working hard!

We had yummy dinner: Tomato Basil Bean soup (from Harry & David!), and grill cheese sandwiches (you must try this: two slices of Everything bread from Wal-Mart, butter the outsides, and pile in grated cheddar jack cheese, brown, and Voila-YUM!)-so good!  I sent some off with Ches to his training (in our professional-looking take away tubs from PF Changs!), and mom & dad came by (sick), so I sent some with them too!  And there was still some left. : )

After we took Clay to practice (and there's no room to sit around with two kids), Mary Claire, Ethan and I went to Hobby Lobby (which is super close) to shop a little.  My goal was to find some tie-dye fabric to match her new school shirt to make matching pants.  (I looked at Jo Ann's this morning-and I was overwhelmed! but no tie-dye.  I also checked the Fayetteville Hobby Lobby, but to no avail.)  We searched fabric, found tons of cute books (NOT on sale-so I have ordered one online-so much cheaper at!), and Mary Claire is begging to learn to sew, so she wants a sewing "kit".  I told her we'd just make one.  She needs some needles, pins, a pin cushion (and we are making custom ones!)

This one is kinda like our goal-we'll see how it looks when we're done!  We got pinks, browns, grays, and white.  And little pom-poms for our cherries.

.....Ok, this is how it played out.  We started by rolling our felt, but it didn't look thick enough, so when Mary Claire told me that's not how she was going to do it, I told her to show me her idea.  Much cuter! : )
First, we cut a circle out of the light pink (cupcake color), then she stitched on the white frosting:

Then, we cut out a hot pink cupcake wrapper (using the bottom of a can of Pam for the size).  We sewed the ends of the rectangle together, then whip-stitched on the bottom:

Next, we stuffed it, added the topper (pinned it on the four sides so it'd be equally gathered), and stitched the top to the bottom, the same way we did the bottom:

Then, Ta-Da!  Our final product!  We added a pom-pom cherry, and a few pins:

Isn't it just darling?  We had to hurry up-we worked till after nine tonight (bad mommy guilt!) since she had dance till 6:40, and she just wanted to keep going!  Clay came in for a little bit and wanted me to read to him (he read ALL of Maniac Magee today-181 pages!) and wanted me to read a couple chapters (ch. 40-42) to him while he sewed on my frosting.  (This one was actually our practice-she wants her real one to be chocolate with pink polka dot wrapper, and my real one is hot/light pink and gray)  They are all snuggled in bed now, so I'm next! : )

I hope you can understand my gobbledy-gook!  Maybe you can make one for yourself, daughter (for her first sewing kit?), or for your favorite seamstress!  (Ps-school boxes are only 25 cents at Wal-Mart right now, and the PeRfEcT size for a beginner's sewing box!)


The Mom said...

Soup and bread/cheese was fabulous~ MC is as clever as you, let her imagination soar. You were always making things!

We dislike being sick. Maybe we got this from the dead man (who was not dead) beside the road? After all, I stuck the cough drops in his mouth? No one else we know is sick, are they?

Have a great weekend~ L&H

Holly said...

thank you! : ) Yum, yum!
She has already made another one, and started a purse! I went ahead and got her a sewing kit-it was cheaper than buying the things in it! : )
Hope the un-dead man didn't make you sick!!! Remember, no good deed goes unpunished!!