Friday, September 3, 2010

Red Lips

What an amazing day! : )  It is sunny and 82 here with no humidity-so my hair is HaPpY!'s just perfect.

Today was totally better than yesterday.  I guess I haven't gotten to chat with you since the surgery.  It was fine. I always get super nervous, then it works out fine.  I just can't go in with no worries, I don't know why.  I even told the nurse I was more worried (SCARED!) of the IV than the surgery!  She thought I was crazy (they all do)!  I did do okay.

When I got there, they told me to undress, put on the gown (open to the back), blue socks (hilarious!), and cap (not hilarious-think blue showercap).  Then I was supposed to go to the bathroom and void my bladder (in case I'd drank in 12 hours! Ha-I didn't!).  I kept my panties on, because, you know.  Then I got all comfy on the bed, and Ches started taking pictures for the kids-of me in the kooky hat!  So, I took it off, then the nurse came in, and she started in, and I started crying.  She got the IV started, and I signed paperwork, paid, etc.  Then they prepped me by telling me what would go down in the operating room. When she said, "They'll put your legs in stirrups, velcro them down so they don't fall..." I got all hot.  I'd left my panties on! I had to tell them, cause wouldn't that be a surprise!  I did, and they laughed so hard-they told me once a woman had left her pantyhose on, and they had to cut them off!  (Even if they lied to make me feel better, I laughed too and didn't feel quite so bad!)  I took them off, and flipped them over towards Ches!  They laughed some more-it helped that the lady next to me was telling us she'd sing to make me feel better, and she was on Good Drugs and wanted more!  What a day!

I wasn't awake too long in the OR, they put up my legs (minus my bottoms!), and then laughed some more, then I was freezing!  They added blankets, and started washing me, then I was gone.
The next thing I remember was waking up, back in the same spot.  I was hurting some, so they gave me Demerol and Phenergan (to counteract the nausea that Demerol causes).  My world got so much better!  After I was stable, they let me get dressed-and Demerol + getting dressed was too much.  I was banging on the walls-couldn't stand up straight!  Luckily I got the ride out to the van, and I was asleep. Ches took my prescription by Walgreen's, and we went to Olive Garden-I hadn't eaten since Wednesday!  I don't remember a lot of lunch, but it was good.

Then I slept most of the way home-I could barely hold my eyes open. I am SO glad I took my pillow and comfy clothes!  Then at home, we had to get in gear.  Mary Claire was at dance (thank you, Susan, for taking her!  She borrowed our other van, and it was my only request!) (although she's bringing us dinner tonight, so I'm overjoyed!!), anyway, Ches had to go get her, and get Clay to baseball practice-then both of them home.  I had Ethan, so he had a bath in the kitchen sink (long story, but he let the water out, then lathered up with Dawn from the sink pump-took forever to get off!)  Then by 9 they were all in bed, and I went to bed-so absolutely thankful to be in a soft bed.  I was OUT!

Today-I feel soo much better. I haven't taken any meds today, but carried them around in my purse, just in case.  I found out they didn't put the balloon in, and I'm not real happy.  The doctor said it wasn't that bad, and he didn't think where the ends (of the cut adhesions) were that they'd grow back.  I was a little disappointed since we paid a lot, and I'm not willing to pay for it again if they grow back.  We could've taken our family on a nice Disney vacation for the money! (or Ches and I could've gone back to Hawaii..boy, that sounds nice!)

But, it's done, so we'll see how it heals.  I'm supposed to call when I start my period, and they'll start meds, and maybe do another ultrasound to see if I have an ovarian tumor or anymore adhesions.  Day by day.

So, today was busy-school to make copies, church to do envelopes, Lewis & Clark to pick up Ches' bike (the alternate) and get him some gloves (my birthday present to him?), and THEN!  I got Ethan early, and we went to RICK's!  We picked me a cake and got little treats for us.  Heehee
Here were our picks:

I just love Razorback football season, and it's here!!  Aren't their petit fours and cookies adorable?  We got petit fours and feasted outside in the perfect weather!
Here's Ethan with his first one-white cake:

And then his red Razorback lips!

And here is the yummy cake we waited on!  We can't wait to have some!

There comes a time when as an adult, you don't really care what your cake looks like (yes, I still care about taste!), so I got a really colorful one-the kids will love it! : )

Tomorrow is the big day-the day I was born-37 eventful years ago!  Sooo much has happened, and I'm so thankful for each of them-even the bad days.  They still define me today-if you know me well, you know that every little thing that's happened has led to where I am now.  So, I'm thankful.

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