Thursday, September 30, 2010


What a wonderful day! : )  Ethan had gymnastics, and I'm getting the know the other moms that are watching their kids too-so it's nice to visit every week. Then we got Nora to go to Chick-Fil-A with us-we've been picking Ches up for lunch every Thursday after gymnastics since he rides his bike to work.  We went to eat, and the kids were so good! : )
Here are some pictures from Chick-Fil-A:
We got balloons! : )
..and ice cream! : )
And this is Raul with Ethan-he is always so sweet, refills our drinks, takes our trash, gets Ethan balloons (and today, went and found him a GREEN balloon-his favorite!).  This humble, quiet man cleans up after everyone, gets Cheerios for the tiny kids, and God bless him, doesn't always get the respect he absolutely deserves-he is thankful to have his job, and I'm thankful he's there:
and then Ethan got ice cream all over his face..
Aww, I got a picture too-isn't she the most precious?

So then we are driving to Rogers, and I see this in front of me.  What?  I do not think they should be allowed to pull semi-trucks backwards.  Little Disturbing.

So I ran drove up to Promenade to get movie tickets for a sneak preview of Life As We Know It for Saturday night, and we played at the frog park, and met a sweet little girl named Kennedy.  They played in the tunnels, on the slides, and in the "water":

Then we went back home to meet the kids, and played some more!
And right before we all went to dance, this is what I saw-two precious kids, sitting side-by-side: enough to melt my heart!  So absolutely precious.
Thank you, Sandra, for sharing your sweet girl-she's an angel!


The Mom said...

Such sweet kids! Loved the photos! What a great afternoon for Ethan and Nora! L & H

Holly said...

I know-they are adorable!! and I got one person asking if they were twins-precious : )
They had sooo much fun! I hope Sandra had fun too : )