Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dip us in turqoise, and paint us zebra!

What a day!  I finished 18 bows today! : )  Yay!

Ok, briefly-yesterday we were supposed to have the kids' teeth cleaned at the dentist, but we went to the Rogers office (they have two), and the doors were locked.  I called, and our appointment was at the Springdale office.  Bummer.  I didn't want to reschedule yesterday since I had so much to do, so we rescheduled for today.  I checked the kids out of school and took them in today.  Get this.  We got there, and there was a UPS note on the door.  I was having serious déjà vu!  Clay checked the door, and LOCKED!  I got out my phone, the kids got back in the car, and lo and behold-Marilyn opened the door!  I just yelled!  "Oh my gosh-I SO thought we'd messed up again!  So you're open?  We're in the right place??"  She was just laughing at me!  Apparently we were *shock*....early.  They take lunch late, so they were just returning.  It was crazy.  At least we were in the right place at the right time. : )

Then we ran by Krispy Kreme to see if they were hot.  No..but they still have yummy stuff!  We picked out an assortment, and sat to eat.  Clay asked if he could borrow money, pay me back, and get another one.  I said he could, and the guy gave him a free one!  Then Ethan wanted a strawberry milk, then we went back for a water (didn't like the pink milk), then we were finally done.  He grabbed a hat off the table-it's absolutely his favorite thing!

 (Yes, we were the only ones in there at 2:50pm!)

Then, we headed back toward home-our tshirt order was ready!  We ran by there, and picked up our 75 shirts.  Every year, we grow just a little bit-so exciting!  Just looking at the shirts all over the hearth room filled my heart-all those little shirts represent people who really care about our family.  I know you have to get up early, I know you have other things to do on a Saturday, I know.  I do too!  We have two baseball games, our church's huge International Dinner and Silent Auction, Mary Claire is missing a cheer clinic that she really wanted to go to, and I still have all kinds of emotions.  I am busy living for the sweet kids I have, so no need to slow down now.

Just know that all those shirts represent sweet souls caring about ours, and we are so thankful.  Full of thanks.  We can't tell you how much it means for you to spend a couple hours with us both in search of a cure, and bearing our burdens with us.  Diabetes sucks, but this is the one time a year (the one day) when Mary Claire is excited it's her-she still thinks it's a party for her.  May God bless your families for caring, and keep praying-we can only get closer to a CURE!

Tomorrow: t-shirt delivery!  If you got an email or FB message, the T-Shirt Fairy will be coming to a house near you..!  And some of you with little girls are getting BoWs!  Yay!  I won't be all third grade and coordinate our pants and hairstyle-but don't think it doesn't occur to me! (ps-MC is wearing white cut-off shorts from Justice, and I got new tennis shoes with turquoise!)  I *heart* coordinating!

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Holly said...

ps-we need face paint. or face tattoos-in zebra? zebra hearts? got any?