Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Selling Teeth

An average day in my life, and I loved it. : )  I got my oil changed, got my hair done (Happy Birthday, Taylor!), got groceries, unloaded groceries at home, read for a few minutes, got to talk to April, picked up Ethan, made him a new track for his cars...cleaned up the house while the bug man came to spray.  Then we had leftovers for dinner!
I had SO much food in the refrigerator (because I've been cooking lately!), so we had to eat it or throw it away-there was no more room!  We had lasagna, chicken & potato corn chowder, roast beef, black-eyed peas, pizza, strawberries, and salad!  We very rarely all eat differently, but I just had to clean out the fridge!

I heated the pool for the kids this evening, and they SWAM!  I had been out there trimming the crazy wild wisteria-it was taking over the pergola and the chairs, and the table, and the nearby trees, and was trying to reach the pool!  Usually I tie it back, but I grabbed a pair of scissors off the table, and just started cutting!  I had quite a pile by the time I finished, but you could finally make out a square-ish shape above, and it made me happy.  I straightened all the chairs and pillows, and it started looking like someone loved it again. : )  Ches watched the kids, and I cleaned up the kitchen (all those dishes and pans!), and then I worked on floors, counters, did laundry, folded..I was SO glad to get stuff done, it felt awesome!  (I know I'm weird, but I *love* a clean house, so it requires I clean.  And weirder, I really like to clean-I don't know if it's making order from chaos, or just the finished product..maybe I'll think on it...)

The kids were so tired by 7 when they came in! : )  I got them all washed, jammied, and then snack and bed.  It was a great evening.  I love those nights when we don't have to go anywhere!  I love that the kids are involved in things, but it is so nice to just work on spelling words, eat slowly, lay out their clothes for tomorrow, and talk and read with them.

Clay pulled another tooth yesterday-he's really working on buying stock!  I'm kinda starting to get worried.  I hope he's only pulling baby teeth!  He's my oldest, so I really don't know what to expect from their teeth.  He's lost and regrown his main front top and bottom four.  That's all I know about!  Who teaches moms about these things?  BTW: your kids will lose other teeth: namely, little un-named teeth that are not in the front!  I hereby promise to inform you as I learn. : ) heehee

Last thing: I started another book (I love to read more than I love to clean..I think), called Women, Food, and God.  It's a good book, and I'm learning..  I'm only on the third or fourth chapter so far.  She's not someone I'd follow absolutely (she is pretty iffy on God), but she has great theory.  We eat to "escape" what we are living, to avoid what's happening.  But then we put on weight, and that's our new problem-but we like that problem, since it gives us something to do, something to focus on other than our problems we're escaping.  But, really it's easier to live in the now, and face what we are escaping from.  I know this is a really brief synopsis, but I agree.  (I'm all about stuffing my mouth with chocolate to keep me quiet!  And as the endorphins come, I feel better, and everyone thanks me for shutting up!)  I'll let you know if there's more. : )  I think I could read anything and learn.  I like to read product packaging and instructions too.  I'll try to keep other weird habits to myself. : )

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