Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Warm Sheets

Oh my gosh-my baby is hilarious!  We just ate lunch (his Cars chicken noodle soup), and he got it on the front of his jammies (yes, it's a rainy day!), so I had him take them off to finally get dressed for the day.  He RAN from me, and didn't want to get dressed, then after a while, I started wondering where on Earth he was!  I looked all over, and found him in the dryer-with his warm sheets! He was rolling around in the sheets saying, "warm.."

I admit I like to put on my clean sheets at night (or is it because I leave them in there all day, then have to warm them up to get out the wrinkles?), so I can crawl into a cozy, warm bed.  I never thought of just getting in the dryer with them (half naked)!  hahahaha!

I'm finishing bows today!  I've made 17 so far! : )  I'm almost there.  I am anxiously awaiting the call from Jet Custom that my shirts are ready-I can't wait to go get them!  I'll have to bring them home, sort and label them by family, and get them ready for delivery.  Mary Claire asked to go with me to pick them up-she can't wait either!  Clay and Mary Claire have a dentist appointment today (remind me to tell you that story!) at 2pm, so I've gotta get going.  Just wanted to share our funny lives with you! : ) heehee

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