Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's still a Monday, just a day late

Maybe I should have taken off on Labor Day?  I'm tired!  And it was Monday folder night (yes, even if we skip Monday, folders still come home!).  Directory papers, sign-ups, GT renewal, nurse papers (for both!), book fair, grandparents' luncheon, conference time sign-up, Odyssey of the Mind meeting, cheer clinic (during the Walk!), homework/tests, need I go on?

*Yay, the Phillies won, so they are in the lead in their division!* (Ches is happy)

We went by the JDRF office, picked up some walker brochures with envelopes, went to the library to drop off books, pick new ones, and enjoy some books in the sun on the comfy couch (and ottoman!), then to Arsaga's in the lobby.  (Their banana bread is really good-and it's on sale right now!)  Then to Wal-Mart to return a movie to RedBox, and get more dirt (isn't it hilarious that we pay for dirt?!)  (but it's good dirt that holds moisture and fertilizes!).  Oh-and I bought a Halloween magazine with ideas for the fall party that I agreed to!  I think I'll do those cute little monsters.  We can have cute cupcakes that are all different (or they can decorate them with food bits!), I'll have to actually read the book, but Ethan liked it.  I think I'll do a game where they have names of Halloween things, or book characters on their foreheads or backs, and they have to guess who they are. : )  I'll have to make a list of characters in their reading level.  Arthur and Curious George are out.  heehee  (I'm so glad I still have a baby in that level!)

It's funny how my evening flies by every night-I make lunches when they walk in from school and I'm emptying their lunch boxes, then I make them a snack, then I work on laundry, make dinner, clean the kitchen, play games & fold laundry, snack, brush teeth, read books, bed.  We eat a lot, don't we? : )

Then my personal time tonight was spent on Monday folders (and a teensy bit of computer time..).  But I still had time to talk to you, so it was all worth it!

Sweet books that are pretty new, that we enjoyed today:
Big Wolf and Little Wolf (big wolf's heart softened!)
Sweet Dreams Lullaby (beautiful, sweet pictures-love, love, love!  reminds me of Carter's jammies)
Why? (including "why do feet stink?" Ethan loved that one!)
Once Upon a Baby Brother (good, but above Ethan's head-I think Mary Claire or early writers would love it!)  (I'm thinking I might read this to Mary Claire's class on October 15th-I need to pick a book-do you have a good one?  I am not reading in there again for a while, so I don't think a chapter book is a great choice, unless I'm just getting them hooked.)

Gosh, I love books.  Sweet times with my kiddos, taking us to dreamy places, teaching us-I'm still a reader!  (I'm finishing Nanny Returns right now!) (Maybe you could call it Between Bible Studies?) heehee

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