Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Teacher *Love*

Slower describes today-good thing! : )  Ethan and I hung around the house this morning, cleaned downstairs, mopped, did laundry, and then I got a shower, did my nails, and we went Out.  (love, love, love Out!)
We started at the school-Sissy wanted some medicine (she's fine on the weekend, and nights, but feels sick at school.  Hmm.)  So, I'm handy-I took her medicine! : )
Then we went to Wal-Mart which turned into a three hour thing.  We got our pictures printed, shopped for groceries, then he always gets "hungry" when he walks by Subway (good advertising, Subway!-the veggies on the front counter always makes kids hungry).  We got some apple slices (that were out of date, and brown!), then a pizza sub, and he got some chips.  Then after we'd just sat down, he needed to go to the bathroom.  I told the lady we were leaving our food (and our paid-for groceries!) and we'd be back-I didn't want her to throw our food away! : )
Next, we were off to Colliers to pick up the other five insulin pens we didn't get yesterday!  Ahh, then some art, kids' conferences, dinner, boy scouts, games (Hi-Ho-Cheerio!), books, and bed.

I have to say i *love* the kids' teachers.  They are soooo sweet.  I'm just so thankful for the blessing.  We pray everyday for the teachers at the school, for blessings on them, answered prayers for them-we pray for all of them, but I happen to know that happy teachers are great teachers. : )  Mary Claire has done very well, only needs to improve on math and writing-those we know. : )  She is at a 5.6 reading level (fifth grade, sixth month), and don't I know it!  She loves to read.  Her teacher said she is quiet in class-shock to me!  I guess she didn't get my awful talking gene?  My teachers always wrote about my talking on my report card!  hahaha-if I was still getting a report card, they'd still be writing it! : )

Clay had an amazing conference!  He is doing so well, read three times his reading goal for the 9 weeks already, and scored amazingly well on his Benchmark test from the spring.  I cried.  Yes, I know, Psycho.  I couldn't help it!  I was just happy, proud, thrilled, uh-amazed?  We've just come so far from a couple years ago when he used to stand at his desk, get in trouble for talking, not concentrating on work, etc.  His teacher was so complementary-it was so sweet.  I felt like a weirdo crying, but I think just knowing that we nailed the ADHD felt so good.  Like we did the right thing, the money for testing was worth it, the perseverance has paid off.  He is finally acheiving closer to his IQ.  He had such a discrepancy between his IQ and where he was performing (which is one way they diagnose), and now-MaGiC!  I'm just so thankful (and this is one place that the English language fails-there aren't exciting enough words to describe my happy feelings!)

I came home to tell them all the good things their teachers had to say, show them their great grades and scores from testing-I was so happy for them! : )  They bless my soul.  When you have kids, you try hard to help them be all God wants them to be, but you never know if you are hitting the mark.  And then one day, you get a hint that you might be doing something right.  Precious.

Here is Ethan painting (half-naked-well..he had a new shirt on today, and I didn't want paint on it!):
Here is the finished product.  Kinda green!  It's the only color he wanted, so I gave him a few greens:

This is Clay working on his Titanic some more:

This is his finished painting:

And I worked a little bit on Ethan's canvas for his bathroom.  I painted the dots after school, then added the paper and Mod-Podge this evening.  I'll finish tomorrow-I think bed is calling my name now.  ..maybe I should change my name? : )  heehee

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