Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life as we know it

Sorry it's been so's been busy! : )  Mary Claire had a friend spend the night on Thursday since they had no school on Friday!  We got up and had plans to meet some friends at the Fayetteville library for story time, and they were all so excited!  We got around, then went to Fayetteville (where they were having Bikes, Blues, and BBQ-VERY BUSY and noisy!), and then it kinda fell apart.  We went the back way by Wilson Park, and we went over a few speed tables (bumpy), and Ethan had just had half a bottle of water, and right before we got to the library, he threw up water!  Mary Claire thought he had sneezed-his shirt was wet.  But no.  He did it a couple more times-just water-then we pulled over.  He was crying, and so sad.  We dried him, and he wanted to go to the library.  I drove into the parking garage, and got a Premier (right by the elevator!) spot. : )  But, alas, more water coming up.  : (  We had to leave, and Ethan said he was sleepy.  It really worried me, and I thought maybe he had an ear infection, and the bumps messed up his balance.
I called the Pediatric Clinic and made an appointment.  We drove back home, got him fresh clothes (while he slept in his seat with a blanket!), and went to the doctor.  He was all happy when he woke up, the kids all played in the waiting area, then we saw the doctor.  Mary Claire decided she wanted to be checked too, so we checker her in-my kids love the doctor!
So..they both had ear infections, got antibiotics, and we asked about the flu shots.  They had them!  The kids were not excited.  Ches came and met me up there (yay!), and so we all got the flu mist, but Clay decided at the last minute to get the shot-he said he preferred it to the mist.  (I think he was being brave for Natalie Grace!) : )
Then we went to Tim's Pizza for a late lunch while we waited on our prescriptions to be ready, picked them up, and headed home.  I was so tired!  They all wanted to go back to the library, but I'd had it.  Whew-four good kids, but tired.
Then Friday night I think Ethan had a reaction to his first Flu Mist-he had a fever!  We gave him medicine, and by Saturday morning it was gone.  He's been fine ever since (except he hates his antibiotic!!).  We have this new medicine trick, which only kinda works.  We give him the tiny amount-only 1 teaspoon! and then he gets a teaspoon of mini chocolate chips:
I'd say it's a good deal for him-especially since the medicine is yummy and tastes like bubble gum-I tried it!), but he whines.  I guess this way, he gets the chocolate!  (does he get this from me?)

So Saturday I got to sleep in!  Yahoo!  Then we had two baseball games, and a DATE! : )  We saw the sneak preview of Life As We Know It (Very good!)-I'd been waiting for it.  I'm so glad we heard about the sneak preview! : )  We went to Rogers to avoid the bike traffic in Fayetteville, but it was Homecoming!  There was a long wait at the restaurant, but it was okay-I had to run home and change Mary Claire's site!  Her blood sugar was in the 300's, and rose to 400, so I made quick trip home while Ches waited for the table.  They were having macaroni and cheese (full of carbs!), so we couldn't wait it out.
I made it just fine, and my hot tea was ready-I always order the Citrus Spice-it's delish!
So... then Today. (it's October, People!!)  We did the usual (church, eat out), and then I had to get Clay new shoes for church.  Last week he wore his too-small shoes, and I pledged to get him new ones.  (and forgot.)  So, today, he wore rolled up khakis, and flip flops!  (yes, it was cold here!), so after church we went to the mall, and got him new shoes, dress socks, and underwear!  (I'm sure he'd love me sharing that!)  Then we went to Sam's to check out new Christmas trees since I gave away two a couple weeks ago.  We no longer have a 12 ft. tree, but we need a new skinny one.  I want another 9ft for the living room-they are so much easier to decorate!  And then-I saw a new wreath-a good deal too!  I just remembered it's still in my trunk..but it's a good wreath.  I have a HUGE one, but I'm realizing it might just be too big.  Every year I just add to it, and it's quite large, and covered in glitter and leaves and pumpkins-and I am downsizing.  (Need an old fall wreath??)  So, next on my list (since it's really FALL Now!) is Fall Decorating.  I will have Ches get down all my stuff this week, and get started.  Beachy summer stuff is going, and fall pumpkins are coming.  I hate to say goodbye to summer, but it's really October now.  (and we have to inform my family-they are still swimming every day!!)
The kids know it too-it's costume time.  At school they are supposed to choose book characters.  Clay has picked Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, and wants to wear a red shirt, have his hair stick up, and wear a newspaper hat that says, "G.R.O.S.S." (for Calvin's club: Get Rid Of Slimy girlS).  We are looking for a Hobbes-ish tiger online, but here is the closest I can find: tiger on eBay (it'll only show up till Tuesday morning!).  Clay likes it, and it kinda looks like Hobbes when he's *alive*.  I know, I know, it's Tigger, but there's nothing closer.  Can you find one?  ..I read that Bill Watterson "..stated something along the lines that he thought it would "cheapen the purity of his work" to have a stuffed animal created to sell.  (but oh, I wish he would allow it!  My kids *love* Calvin and Hobbes!!)
Mary Claire wants to be Fancy Nancy, so..we looked up costumes.  They are just fancy dresses and accessories, and she wanted a new dog (like Frency!) so..I made a deal.  I'd get her a new dog:
if she would be happy with me making her a costume from a tutu and tons of fancy things she already has-she agreed!  I got her silver glittery shoes this summer to wear for Halloween, and she has tutus, skirts with flowers, etc.  I'll bling her up and add sunglasses-she'll be beautiful!  The dog is ordered, and this may be the funnest costume ever! : )
And then..there's Ethan!  He still wants to be a dragon.  It's Clay's old Halloween costume, but he loves it, and he dresses up in it all the time! (sure makes it easy for me!)

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