Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have to admit, I'm a little sad today.  I would have been 36 weeks today, and it would have been okay to have the twins now.  My doctor told if I could make it that far, it would be awesome. (Yeah, it would have been awesome)  I feel like I'm back at zero-for the umpteenth time in the last year.  I see friends who were thwarted, like me, but now they have babies in their arms.  I just don't have a commonality with them now-it's kinda hard.  Well, it's really hard.

I have three great kids, and people never stop "reminding" me that.  But when you want another of those great joyous little people, it does not help one bit.  Please don't say that to me (or anyone else-it is no comfort).  Of course we are thankful for the children we have-that's why we are so eager to have another little one-so we share that joy again, and so their brothers and sisters can share that joy.  My kids love kids-they want more, we want more...I'm sure it's just a logistical problem. : )  We're working on it.

Maybe that's part of my writer's block.  That, and having fourteen things I want to say, that I can't.  What does Homer Simpson say?  D'oh!
Here's the link to 32 D'ohs!  Yeah, that's how I feel!

Maybe my day will be more fun-I'll look for fun things to finish bows! : )


The Ware's said...

Thinking of you.... here if you need me...

Holly said...

Thanks, Sandra. I'll be okay, just hard to look what I've lost in the eye. I still have hope. : )