Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blurry, Block, and Banners

I have writer's block.  We were busy-but it's all gray fuzz now (or is it a blur?)...I know, unusual.  I'm so tired!

wRiting thank you notes (thankful for that job!!)
Clay's two baseball games (and three great hits!)
dinner out
making more bows : )
dinner out (and a hair in my food!)
working on the walk day info for my walkers (love that job too!)
PRE starts tomorrow (the kids' sunday school)

I also ordered a couple of banners to put up on our tent so our walkers could find us easier!  So cute!  I got them at, and paid extra to get them here asap.  They were really cheap-even for outdoor wind-resistant vinyl! (I think they were only $57 for two, with outdoor vinyl and $16 in shipping!)  And..they even had a turquoise-ish (aqua?) color with (brown) zebra print:

I know this is fuzzy, but I wanted it big enough you could see!  It'll look better in person, and I'll take a picture next Saturday. : )  The color was close enough, and the runner-up choice was stick kids holding hands-cute, but not right for us this year!  I thought we'd just have a white banner with one-color writing, but this was so cute!  You can also upload exactly what you want, but it's $4.99 more, and I didn't have a clue what I wanted (besides a big white one with our team name!).  And, yes, I'll use it again-I don't care if it doesn't match next year.  (since it doesn't match perfectly even this year!)

What did you do today?

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The Mom said...

What did I do today? Whatever I did wouldn't hold a candle to what you are doing busy daughter of mine. Whoa~ You are a woman on the go~~ So proud your momma is of you. L&H