Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

Blessed are we to have friends with us, family around us, and people who CARE!
Our 2010 JDRF Walk to Cure Type I Diabetes walk team, Mary Claire's Friends Who Care:
 (Sad that my camera person didn't get Stripey in the picture!  He is a beautiful white dog-part poodle-with a zebra-striped bandana on-he's off to the right!  I really hope the professional photographer got him!)

I cannot express in words how very thankful I am to each of you for coming out on early on such a sticky, hot (but yay for sun!) day just to support our family.  There is no other reason, and we know, and I can only cry out to God with thanksgiving for blessing us with amazing friends and family who love us and care about a cure for Type I Diabetes for Mary Claire (and care enough to SHOW us!).  I met new people, and I will never cease to be amazed.  They came to show us their support, when a few of them barely know Mary Claire!  I even had a couple girls from Greenland (who were recruited by my friend Candace!), and they came just to meet her and take pictures with her-blesses my heart with joy-here they are:

Ok, so here goes-I have lots of pictures (thanks, Suzanne for capturing so many memories!):
a group girl picture-very early-before they tied their sleeves up!

The Arkansas Razorback cheerleaders came by to say hello and take pictures (they were so sweet!) and shared their poms:

I know it's not a good picture, but it was a really fun day!  We were getting butterfly tattoos on the girls, and I got one, but just on my hand : )

Precious!  We were supposed to have face painting, but this was the next best thing: tattoos!  The closest we could find to the zebra-striped hearts (that I had in mind) were bluish butterflies-equally beautiful.

This is before the walk-we were singing the Star-Spangled Banner:
Some more pre-walk pictures:

We love firefighters!  A few years ago, they brought the smoke house (we got to go in, they simulate a fire with smoke, and you crawl out), but they haven't brought it since.  I wonder if it's too much work?  I told them thanks for coming-we love a big truck!

And, we're off! This is headed up Razorback road-a big hill!

HeeHee-He's so cute! (and spoiled!) (and not having to walk!):

This is Clay and Torin, having some boy time-notice they are walking off to the side. : )  I'm thankful they wore their shirts, and that they have spirit!

I had to do a lot of (finding kiddos!) *organizing* to make the picture happen, but it's always worth it.  The kids were all in separate places, Ches was eating, but we pulled ourselves together for a minute!  Thanks, Danielle, for a great picture! : )

Mary Claire snapped a picture of me and Angie, my best friend from junior high (and now-it's just when we got started!)  Isn't she photogenic?:

After the walk, we were all HOT, thirsty, and hungry!  They always have hot dogs and snacks-and I don't even count that ice cream bar right after the walk-it's just to cool me down!

I think they're tired, what do you think?

Later, I sat and did a few more girls' nails (alternating blue with zebra-stripes-I'll try to get a picture!), and Mary Claire went off with my camera (I kinda love of it when I get to see the pictures she takes!):

 I'm just thrilled she had a great day.  I do (desperately) want a cure, but I also want my girl happy.  If this *party* for her helps her like her diabetes a little more, then praise the Lord!


The Mom said...

Love to all~
Love the WALK~
Love the colors~

Holly said...

thank you!! We loved the shirts too! : )
I am so happy with the turnout-and thankful!!
Hugs! xoxox