Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sick Day-NOT!

Today was a sick day. Not for me, but for Mary Claire. She said her throat hurt, she didn't feel good, and she was just convincing enough. I let her stay home. Today was my MDO, and since I was carpooling, I went ahead and took Ethan. She went with me, if only to remember where she used to go. Susan, the director, would've never recognized her! It's been an awful long time! About 5 years? Anyway, I was out of milk, so I had to run to WM. We walked thru the girls' stuff (first mistake) to get to the other side, and she found a little Tinkerbell backpack she thought she desperately needed. I asked her what she'd use it for (assuming to put her meter in), and she said for Bella (the unicorn): for her blanket, pillow, bottle, diaper, etc. Well, I had to say no. She cried, boohoo'd, etc. right through the checkout, in the car, and wouldn't look at me. When Ches called on the way home, he said it sounded like she needed to go back to school! Well, then she quit the crying, and started in again about the throat!

I took Isabella home (precious child-she gave me hugs and kisses-can I keep her?), got Ethan to bed, Mary Claire kinda-to-bed (she keeps bouncing back down the stairs to see if Clay's home yet!), and put my sweet new stamps together. I love them!! : ) One says, "Donut be sad" and has a picture of a donut! : ) Another says, "Sick? Milk It." with a milk carton. I love them!! : ) Are you sad? Cause I'll send you a card!

Clay's home! We are investigating the Triops progress. Which is nil right now. Just tiny floating eggs. We're even using a magnifying glass. Maybe the water temp isn't right? Maybe they aren't real? It says they'll send us another set if these don't hatch. I think it's still a scam. A $4 scam! I'll keep checking on them...

Mary Claire has been high all day! I think she has a bad site. It seems like she's been high for three days. There aren't any air bubbles in the tubing. I don't think it's a real illness as she has a temp of 96.7. No fever, that is. So, we are off to change her pump site, cause she wants to eat! (and is currently 333-definitely over ketone level now for 3 hours!) Time to cut our losses, and start all over! New insulin, reservoir, site, etc. God must have a lot of faith in me! More than I have in myself.

Can I just take a sick day? I think I'm feeling that feeling Mary Claire felt this morning...it's called gymnastics/dinner/gs leaders' meeting... Is the feeling called Responsibility? or Work?


Anonymous said...

Yes dear, you can take a sick day. But consider the fact when you have a 'free' day, you fill it with all your extracurricular activities. That isn't a bad thing, it is just a 'busy-mom' thing.

Hope my little Sissy is feeling better.


Holly said...

Yes, but those are the fun things.