Saturday, March 14, 2009

We're reading the same books? Is that good or bad?

Last night we all went to Fun City for pizza and a little fun. Ches had to start his spring break right! We had to track all the kids, watch the purse! and keep the tokens coming in the ride-on toys! I also tried to keep up and take some pictures. Ethan was so fast-so hard to catch! Clay didn't want any pictures unless they were upside-down, and Mary Claire wanted to take my pictures, or flip over the play equipment! They got lots of crazy time and exercise!

When we got home, I got to read to Clay for a while. We almost finished the third book in My Father's Dragon. It is good-we found out that Boris is the dragon's name and it's the good part of the story. His family (16 dragons) have been found, and trapped in a cave. He's going for help, and Clay wanted to finish the story, even after the 8 or 9 chapters we'd already read. I think he finished it. He went upstairs, and I fell asleep! Ches woke me up around 12, I washed my face, and went back to bed. Ahh, Friday. It seems like we all let-down after a long week.

I got to clean a little this morning, then Ches ran Clay out to pick up the bags (the ones they dropped off in our neighborhood last Saturday) for boy scouts-they had to get the food donations and turn them in (turns out they were going to OUR church food pantry! They were loading them when we went to church this afternoon!). Then I took the kids and ran to WM to get a bday gift. Clay had a great time at the football-themed party! We got home, unloaded the groceries, and headed to church.

Then afterwards, in the midst of indecision, we went to Lenny's Subs. They are always so sweet, got the kids balloons, and took great care of us! Mary Claire surprised me and ordered a philly cheesesteak! (well, minus the cheese, and add lettuce) We went by Sam's to peruse new software...for the pc, of course! We decided against the pc version, and Ches'll get the mac version when the UA gets the license. We're still waiting... I think it's been about two months now!

I got a scrapbooking mag and a book, and Mary Claire didn't want to let me look at it (in the store or on the way home!) I asked to see it for a little bit, and said I'd just flip through it. When I was deep into reading, she said, "Flipping is fast." Of course, I said. "What?" and I didn't get it. She wanted it back! We both have bookmarks in it now. This is the first book we've ever BOtH been interested in.

At home, they played in the garage with the big new ball net thingy, then jammies, lots of snacking, a game of Pretty Princess, Hi-Ho-Cheerio, and lots of singing and tickling! Then I read to Mary Claire: we finished Junie B. Jones' Big Fat Mouth. She was so cute: she wanted to be a janitor when she grew up (and for very good reasons!) and all the kids laughed at her, and didn't show "courtesy". Mary Claire just loves her. She is funny. Barbara Park has a classic!

Then, some time playing on Facebook: just enough time to get frustrated! All things take time to get the hang of, and I haven't got it yet! There's so much to learn, and I don't know if I am willing to commit. I'm still in the 'just playing' status.

Okay, tomorrow, more fun and GS!

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