Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I had a REAL Mother's Day Out! Fabulous.

Today was a great day!
I dropped off Ethan at MDO, ran to Target to return the shoes *that I had the receipt for!* then to Gap to try on clothes for almost two hours, then to Guido's for a pizza, then to get my hair done (much brighter!) then to Underwoods to get my ring cleaned (and use their not-so-nice bathroom, seriously-needs a makeover) and peruse the things I won't buy (Faberge eggs), then to Mr. Burger for a whirly thing (m&m chocolate thing), then to WM to meet mom for a minute, then home to make dinner, kids to church, home, blog... Ethan bath, and get ready for tomorrow!

I'm a little worried about the weather tomorrow. ACH just called to remind us of our appt (a machine person, of course) so we couldn't chit chat about the upcoming weather. Ches kinda wanted me to go on down tonight and spend the night, but I've got things to do! I had the lofty goal of making Emily a new pump pouch (since we are meeting her and her mom, Junko, for lunch tomorrow!!), but we'll see. Mary Claire also presents her famous american on Friday, so I also had the other lofty goal of making her a costume, but -ha! She just wants to wear a shirt, tie, and (Clay's new jacket) to dress like Milton Hershey, holding a chocolate bar with brown around her mouth. I wanted to make her a big brown felt (with white letters) chocolate bar jumper (think big brown rectangle with shoulder straps). She said no. I should thank her, but I'm sad. She would rather dress man-like than chocolate-like. Shocking.

Ok, I called Gap-Promenade-and asked them to hold all my great finds till Friday (since I forgot I'm taking Mary Claire to Arkansas Children's Hospital tomorrow!), and they said, sure! Well, I called Gap-Scottsdale Center-to hold my other two items over there (since they had my size), and they said no! He said he'd "get in trouble" for holding things over 24 hours. Imagine that-wanting to lose a sale! Jared said he can't hold things over 24 hours! He's got some nerve! If business was super-good, I'd understand, but don't they need SALES!?
I emailed Gap, and would love a response. I just think it's crazy. The whole two hours I was in Gap, not ONE other person came in (which means I got loads of help!).
Cliff's (Holly's) Notes:
Gap Promenade: GREAT (will stay in business)
Gap Scottsdale Center: HORRIBLE (will be gone in less than a year)

Ok, just got the rest of a cute font. I can now (hopefully) do a proper monogram. I like the curly letters/more cursive but not laying down slanted. I'll try them out when I get a chance.... ha!

Alright, hope our coming snow doesn't hamper life in your zip code. I am hoping to get on down to LR so I don't have to reschedule and do this all over again. We'll see what happens. I guess I'd rather reschedule than take my chances on the huge 40 foot high bridges on 540. Ches thinks I should pack a bag for us, just-in-case. I'd rather stay home. I'm not feeling adventure-y today!

ps: happy thought today: don't you just LOVE that time while your color processes and you get to read junky magazines about who wore what and where? And you forget about dishes and laundry and dinner? Self-absorbed, I know, but just for an hour or so. Luxury, in an attainable fashion. Just what I needed. : )

2nd happy thought: how much fun is it to try a shirt on in EVERY color and pick your favorite? And try three pairs of jeans on that are the same (same size, same style, same color) just to see which are the best (shortest legs, loosest legs)? Woo. Hoo. and chocolate in the SAME day! (sorry for those of you abstaining from sweets. Susan).


The Ware's said...

Good luck tomorrow - hopefully the weather holds out.. now I need to comment on your happy thoughts.. (just to poke fun!) - we do haircuts as a family affair (sometimes I wonder why but we hardly see Morgan as it is so at least it's not another time away which I think is how it started but anyway) so my appts. are usually surrounded by a little one on my feet and the older one wondering when her turn is... then for the clothes.. ugh! I'm starting to run out of decent clothes to wear but can't think of shopping right now. My lovely schedule of doing Wii Fit and taking walks has taken a 2 week hiatus and seriously needs to get back on track - I was hoping to loose all this weight before our trip to FL in July... that's still my goal but boy is time flying by! Seriously though, glad you had a good day though! :o)

Holly said...

ok, now it's finally working! I am laughing!! Since I haven't wii'd (heehee) since we got back from the ice storm/Houston! Ok, you must shop. I have found that it is Motivation for lots of things. If you have something new, you want to wear it, so you maintain your size. And those long mirrors tell the truth sometimes. You learn a little about your body when you are in a big dressing room with a mirror. I mean, when else do you stand around looking at yourself? I even dry my hair while watching GMA, and put on makeup watching tv too! I only use a teensy mirror for mascara! Don't tell me when my eyeshadow is uneven, it's better to not know. Anyway, I decided shopping is good for your motivation (ha! and fun!). It's like even one thing can spruce up your mood and make you feel like you're ready for spring! Keep up the walks outside. Have you unlocked the Wii Freestyle walking? You can walk to the clicks on the controller and watch tv on another channel. I can just do 20 minutes if I have no other motivation. Sometimes, I can't even decide what to do on there, there are so many choices! I need it to remember a workout program. I don't have free brain space for that, so it requires thought. I need a real wii trainer who'll tell me what to do. Ok, must go to bed!