Sunday, March 15, 2009

Facebook with a side of cookies. Chocolate Chip!

So sad. I'm officially addicted. It took under a week? Addicted to Facebook. Now I see why weirdos are attached to their silly phones-it's worthless to reisist. And an old friend told me how to add photos. I was so frustrated last night! : O So, if you have an account, add me as a friend, and we'll chat and not do our laundry! : ) And I'll send you FlaiR! (ps-thanks, Sandra!)
If you don't have an account, you'll have to add one soon so you can see what all the fuss is about! It took me like a year? Silly ol' me. heehee

Ok, so today was loung-y day. Jammies (the kids even went out in their jammies. And played with neighbors. Who could see them.) Ahh, the embarrassment-but I didn't care! I was face-booking! Anyway, I got to play with them, play "sleep" in Sissy's bed with Ethan (who faux snores!), and we made a video! My brother, John's, b-day is today, so we made him a ReaLLy homemade video-the kids singing, blowing up balloons, and they made him a play-doh cake. We used a real candle, and Ethan was going to eat some of it, doggone it! He jsuct screamed for cake! He finally got some in his mouth, and figured out why I kept telling him it wasn't real! : O

Girl scouts was tonight-we practiced a flag ceremony. The girls wanted patches like Mary Claire's from last week. : ( I felt bad for them. Some of them did earn the Girl Scout birthday patch from this past week if they did at least two activities a day! Today, Mary Claire made a nature picture: she did rubbings and then made people and glued grass over them (they were hiding in the bushes she says!).

Ok, I've consumed another Lenny's cookie (confiscated from my children's meals last night! THey have NO idea the kids' meals come with a cookie-or at Schlotsky's!) so I'm feeling sleepier. The chocolate helps for a while, then I just need more!

I played on the silly ol' pc again today. I can't figure out how to search for stuff. I was searching for the invisible Font folder, and I kept typing the "F" in the search box, and the File thingie would come down! Ahhhh!! This must be why I switched! Maybe my computer-engineer can help me tomorrow?? I'll take my computer along, and tell him to check it out, then slip in some questions! : ) heehee He'll spot it a mile away! And think I'm goofy. I'm just a mac user. Sad to say.

Ok, my facebook addiction has sucked up more time than I thought, and I still have to lay out the kids' clothes, make lunches, check Mary Claire, etc. Ches is gone to the movies. I guess that's why I've had so much time to play around! I learned so much! Come and see me out on the 'book! Even you, Mom! Even your great friend, Sherry, is on there! : ) And she's my friend. : )

If it's not your Spring Break (or dare I say-are you not getting one?), then enjoy the warm weather! If it is your spring break, brace yourself, and buy more sidewalk chalk!!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your facebook experience and once in a while you can share your experiences with me. I think I will have to be satisfied with that for now. My list of 'things to do' seem to never end. Adding one more thing might just tip me over the edge. lol

See you at dinner!


Holly said...

Can't wait! We made John a video, so maybe we can watch it later! It's the kids being corny and they made him a play-doh cake!

The Ware's said...

Love your new outdoor pictures on here! See you in Facebook land! :o)