Thursday, March 5, 2009

Real Sick Day

Sometimes I expect to open my blog, and see a new post *magically* appear! Yeah, right. It's a weird feeling, to wait to see what comes up! I look at what I wrote, and it seems like a year ago! I do so much living in a day!

Today, we had another kind of sick day. Ethan woke up from his nap crying, and so sad and pathetic. I felt sorry for him, but I didn't know what was wrong, or how to help him. He finally told me "Tummy hurt", so I figured we might be in for quite an evening, and he didn't let me down! He's now thrown up more times than I have fingers, and everything from clothes to my bed sheets, to my furniture slipcovers, to towels, blankets, washcloths, is washing or waiting its turn. I had to do a gross thing: I knew the throw up was coming, and I didn't want it on my freshly steam-cleaned carpet, so I caught it in my lap, and kinda scooped it toward me. I know, gross. I had Mary Claire (she was so ultra-helpful!!) run get a laundry basket and towels, and we stripped down right there, me and my baby. He seemed to feel better for a little while, so I put him in the tub, jumped in the shower, then jammied, and jammied him. We had a short recovery time (time to put stuff in the washer) before it started again. This time, we were on my bed-bad idea, but I was getting sleepy. So, now my sheets are stripped, and I'm waiting on the washer to finish. I've already called the nurse (ACH nurses field the calls this late), and she thinks it's a virus, even though he has no fever. We are to call back if he's not better by morning. It could be an ear infection, but he has tubes in his ears, so I think that's unlikely (tomorrow insert my wrongness here).

In other news, Ethan's gymnastics could've gone better. I think he doesn't like the waiting in line part. That seems to be his downfall. Poor kid: none of us truly like to wait, but it's part of the game of life. (like having to wait to see what's truly wrong with him!)

I have made a decision about which painter to use. I called my insurance company again, called the painter, and they'll have to rendezvous to get the price right (or at least agree on something) before the work shall begin (which I dread). He said it'd take about a week. Not so bad. May have to eat out some since the kitchen will be in scaffolding and plastic for a few days. Hmm..I should see the upside to this! : )

Do you know anyone locally who likes to iron? (I know, ha ha) I have all these clean clothes that are calling out to an iron that just doesn't answer. I know they need to be taken care of, but when? Between throw-up laundry loads? After the hand-washed dinner dishes (since my dishwasher was running the day's dishes)? After watching the fourth Curious George video with Ethan? Yeah, anyway, I need some ironing done. In a smoke-free home, pets okay, just no fur on the clothes, please. Not picky, no sharp creases needed, just flatish.

We went by Mom's today to pick up a paper, and we stayed a while: lunch, playing outside, pruning her crape myrtles and boxwoods.. : ) Ethan had a ball (well, literally and figuratively!). He ran around the house, played with the cars, sticks, and a big dump truck. He was so cute! He did run down the hill and into another yard (by a barbed wire fence!! Yes, she lives in the country) and I panicked. Mom wants him to be tough, but I was so worried! It looked like he was swatting at the barbed wire, so I ran to him. He was fine, maybe it was just a bee? Anyway, I somehow broke my sunglasses as I was hacking at the branches up above my head. They fell, and darn it, they are so cute and rhinestone-y, but they don't have the resolve to stay in one piece! Then it got worse. I was looking up into the sun, trying to cut off the old flower parts (which you can use in homemade potpourri), and then my crazy hair was in my eyes, face, mouth.. It made it so much harder-the wind was awful! But I have to say the warm sun was awful nice-I was glad to not have a jacket on!

Alrighty, washer is calling me. It wants to go for another round, and can I make it happy!


Anonymous said...


Poor Ethan! I hope he is feeling better today.

You are a 'busy-mom' indeedy...

Do you want a permanent ironing buddy, or just this one time? Summer is coming and as you know, hot is not my forte.


Holly said...

Probably just help catching up! I feel so behind! How much each? If I still had a Fabric Care coupon, I'd use it! They just don't give those out anymore! : )