Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jammies, Gum, and Snacks!

Ok, a Scheduled Outage is coming...It says 4pm PDT, but I don't know what that means!! Pacific time?? So, if you miss me, I'll catch ya later! : )

We had a stay-home-in-your-jammies day alllll day yesterday! They took baths last night and got into new jammies! : ) It was nice and relaxing. Especially with all the rainy, stormy weather we had yesterday!

Well, it may have been partly due to the GUM in my dryer! I spent a good hour with half my body inside my HOT dryer (since I discovered the gum at the END of the cycle!!!). I used GooGone to rub it till I rubbed the bluish-ness off the inside of the dryer! Then, I added a Pampered Chef scraper to the mix (meant to scrap a baking stone, but my broke, *yes, I ordered a new one* and it needed a new job!!). In the midst of the hot rubbing (not cute), my kids were adamant that They Didn't Do It..Maybe daddy did! Yeah, they learn early to lay blame. Elsewhere!! They nicely made me a Coke, with ice, in a glass, with a straw to appease the laborer. Then, they were hungry, and I made the mistake of saying, "Go get creative and make whatever you want. Show me when you're done!" (thinking it'd occupy a good 30 minutes for me to finish the hot scrubbing!!) Well, when you tell a kid to get creative, you don't have to tell them twice! They piled graham crackers with vanilla frosting, yogurt, cool-whip, fruit snacks, strawberry bits (that Mary Claire washed and cut herself!!), raisins, Cars graham cookie-looking things, and Teddy Grahams. Yes, sounds too gross and sweet to eat, but they did. I decided (after laundry was back on track) to make a game of it. I printed some sheets about fractions (since their missing three days next week and both classes are going to be working on fractions!), and they chose a cracker and did math with it. Then they ate it all-try estimating carbs on a pile of squish with sugary toppings! Whew! But did they enjoy it, and I got my dryer cleaned!!! We'll jsut see who does or does not check pants pockets from now on!!

Then today, was back to business! I got around early, and we were out by 8:45! We ran errands and looked for Clay some new dress shoes for 1st Communion. His brown ones are looking kinda ragged. Not really nice enough compared to the new clothes!! : ) We had no luck, but I'm counting on Nashville to have some good stuff. We'll have more time together then.

We are actually thinking we'll leave on Friday now. It's supposed to *snow* on Saturday, so we are thinking we may need to get out of town early or risk missing out! : ) Oh no!

Well, Ethan is still fine, so no worries. Still haven't figured out really what happened on Monday! But he doesn't seem affected.

Ok, I just found this sitting all night-either I forgot to post it, was the outage!!


Gigi said...

Just for the moment let me say that my dear Holly and family are on their way to Little Rock and tomorrow will be driving to Nashville.
Pray for a safe and happy holiday!


Holly said...

thanks, MOm! : )