Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flowers, Flags, and Fonts, WooHoo!

I've lived another lifetime! ; ) Yesterday was nice-n-full! I went to the school to help Clay's class work on writing. We worked in small groups using showing sentences instead of telling (icycles hung from the rooftop instead of it was cold outside). They did so well! My favorite was "The cookie was good" -we had great ooey-gooey chocolatey chip cookies and chewed slowly- "Mmmm..goood!".

Then I came home to work on more laundry, then to meet Jenifer at her house for some yummy Guido's pizza and some flower arranging. We made one for her dining room table, took it apart, made a smaller one for the entry way, and she's getting more flowers to finish the dining room table one. It was such a large urn-it needed more!!

Then home, got Mary Claire ready to go, and off to Sandra's to help the girls practice for a flag ceremony. (They did the opening ceremony for the Alzheimer's Memory Walk in Fayetteville this morning. They were so cute!) Then we had pizza there-yum! and veggies, then made our way home. Sandra called when I was almost home and we'd left Mary Claire's meter there! Ahhh! When I was leaving, I'd noticed her meter purse was soaking wet, so I'd taken everything out, dried, and put them in a big paper towel to bring home to another purse. Well, I didn't remember everything! So, we used another one till today. Crazy!

Then, we ran by Taco Bell to get the kids some tacos for snack, baths, jammies, snacks, and them off to bed. I was so tired, I fell asleep right away (8pm?), and didn't wake up till Ches came to bed around 12:30! I washed my face, set my alarm, and mentally made a checklist for this morning!

I had to finish sewing patches on Clay's uniform (he was going with so he could count it as watching a flag ceremony for his wolf badge), iron our clothes, get me ready, and the usual. I didn't want to be late! : ) We got there, and Mary Claire's PRE teacher, Adela, was there! She was helping to organize it-she's so sweet! Mary Claire didn't want to go say hi, but eventually she did.

Next we went by WM for the latest needs: namely more Tide and Downy! Then to Collier's for rx's, and finally to Smith Elementary to get bags to put on front doors (our neighbors will love us!) to gather unperishable food items to be collected by Clay next Saturday. It's been a busy scouting season. You almost can't do more than one thing if it's scouting. Clay has an event in Ft. Smith coming up, and Ches is taking him. He can earn patches, and it's easier than sleeping out Ches says! Anyway, then back home for lunch.

Now, I've had a few minutes to catch up, Clay's reading the Hardy Boys/alternating every 15 minutes with playing Wii (I'm using it as a bargaining tool! Very Handy!), Mary Claire is putting on a play for her dolls and stuffed animals, Ches went for a bike ride, Ethan's napping, and there shall be more! When Ches gets back, I'm going to Sam's to get a new little mini-computer. It's pink! : ) I just bought 14 new fonts, so I'm sooo excited!! My computer (pc) that I use with my sewing machine is old and so slowww! I don't know if it could even handle the storage of all the fonts. Well, probably, but it'd just slow it down even more!!

Then, church-we may try it with all of us together since it's been so long! We need to go to Lowe's and maybe Chick-Fil-A for the kids to play IF it's not raining! : )

Okay, Ches is home, so I'm off to Sam's! : ) Woohoo!

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