Friday, April 15, 2011

Saving Money and Tooth Fairy Money

Can I just say 18 times that I *love* my friends (and family and husband)? : ) 

Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends, Love my friends!
heehee, I think I like the number 18-my old post office box when I was growing up, my old phone number growing up (ended with 1818), the number of times I got parking tickets...just kidding! : )

Anyway, yesterday I was sitting in the floor folding clothes telling Ches that the kids needed spring clothes-you know, those clothes you wear between winter and summer (seriously-not sweaters, long sleeves, and closed-toe shoes, but not spaghetti straps and short shorts with sandals)  Like..capris that fold up and button, and short sleeves and little sweaters and stuff.  And..guess what my magical, perfect, God-chose-him-for-me-husband said?  Ok..guess!

"I think you need a trip to Branson."  (the most wonderful words he speaks..besides I love you, heehee)  I looked at him, and wholeheartedly agreed. ; )  He said I should go tomorrow (today!).  I said that sounded great! (Yipee!)

I cleaned the kids' closets all day yesterday pulling too-small clothes, and making Mary Claire try on scads of clothes to see if they'd make it another year.  She has a love/hate relationship with clothes (where I'm concerned)-she loves them, she hates to try them on.  Anyway, I made a list of what they needed, printed coupons, gathered mailed sale ads, and set my alarm.  I had to shower early, get the copies at the school made early, and head east (well, northeast!), since it's a two-hour drive.

I made great time, and got started.  I met a friend for lunch (the manager at Gymboree-we met years ago at Gap-literally, like maybe 8 or 9 years ago?  I don't even remember.  Anyway, she had this superbly awesome pen-a Bic fine point accountant pen..they used to have blue lids and a little silver clip, I'm assuming to clip to your shirt, haha!  Ok, so anyway, I made over her pen, and she gave it to me-so sweet! and helped me find my new favorite jeans that lasted almost five years.  She also sent me to find my next favorites..Lucky's! : )  We've been friends-and sharing our fave pens and clothes-ever since!)  Anyway, I shopped the day away, didn't bathroom break from 10:30am till 10pm, so I think I was busy. : )

They had AMAZiNG sales.  Really, I caught store sales, and I had printed out coupons for all of them, so in some stores I got 30-40% off the entire store, and then I had 20% off my entire purchase (Cha-ching!). Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Gap-it was awesome!

I guess you have to be flexible and plan around the sales.  And, I'm pretty flexible.  I can apparently plan and leave in a day's notice.  I did plan to be home by 4 or 4:30, but I move into a time machine in Gymboree, and it takes me hours to plan matching outfits, and if they don't have all my matching sizes, we have to call other stores to get stuff shipped to my house.  Fun stuff.

Okay, so I get home, the kids jump all over the bags, open and sort clothes, tell me what they like the best, we read bedtime stories (so glad I made it!) and then Clay tells me he's lost a tooth again! (I think this is the 14th)  Ches tells him it's his last, that the tooth fairy quits coming when you're ten.  He gets all sad (yes, I think he fully understands the Process), and I feel so sorry for him, give Ches the eye (but he did let me go shopping today..), and I tell Clay that he should just try it.

He asks to write the tooth fairy a letter, and disappears into my bedroom with the computer.  The next time I see him, he has a mistake-free (spell-proofed!) letter, edges scalloped with a punch, and the letter is so grown up.  When did he go and grow up on me?  In the last 20 minutes?

I took a picture, since sometimes the tooth fairy takes the tooth/letters since she was told to remove things a couple years ago. ; ) He went to bed with hope that she'd leave either a $5 or an Easter egg hunt help (umm..what?) for him.  I sure hope she doesn't let him down-he has big expectations.

Here is the text if you can't read it (since I am so tech-saavy I can copy from Word!):

Dear Tooth Fairy,

         This is my last tooth that I will have you handle. I am sincerely sorry, but your job is done for me. I wish you luck on your never-ending journey of taking children’s teeth, while giving them money. All Tooth Fairys started out in Europe, then came to America somehow. When I grow up, I may not believe in you. I will pass you on to my children and my grandchildren. I will always remember the  magic, and fun of the Tooth Fairy, meaning….. You!!

                                                  Clay Jones

What to do.  What to do.  And he wants her to write him back. Cough, cough.


The Mom said...

Awwwwwwwwww! Your first born son is going to have a family! I call that Great Expectations! Give him five bucks because his heart is full and he scalloped the edges of the paper. lol. L & H

Holly said...

I know, can you imagine? : ) His heart is full, and he's a good writer! He started a story/book tonight-he may need a computer! : )

Heidi / D-Tales said...

It sounds as though you scored big time in Branson! I love shopping days like that!

My oldest, who's now 9, writes letters to the tooth fairy, too. So cute! Clay's letter was especially sweet! He can write really well!