Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Blessed Easter, and paid-it-forward-forgiveness.  Thank you, God, for your sweet blessings and grace undeserved.
Before we left for church : )  We only took one, so I was hoping it would turn out!

And one at Gigi's-again, I only took two!  I was just enjoying the day today, not so many pictures.
We've had a busy few days (and too much rain and hail damage-to both our vehicles!).  Our trees and grass (and my ferns) are mighty thankful for the abundance of rain, but it's standing-room only now.  Please let it stop.

And BaSKeTs!  I got the Easter baskets finished yesterday:
Clay got a gift certificate for some track...and he turned it in to the shop owner like cash, while Ches was chasing Ethan! haha

This is the front of Clay's..

and the back with a Food Magic kit I got on clearance at Border's-hahaha-it's been fun! : )

Mary Claire's basket..with a new piggy bank!

and Ethan's with lots of cars and his left-handed pencil : )

oh-and the back of Ethan's with a new night-light!
We've seen movies (Water For Elephants, Hop, and African Cats), eaten out (Chili's and Mom's-yum!), and hunted Easter eggs till we have no more dust hiding in our crevices.  We had church this morning, and we always prepare the kids for an hour and a half or more of Mass, so they are mighty thankful that it goes so (relatively) fast.  Ethan was the only one causing a scene with his climbing around, trying to pull my shoe off, etc.  We escaped with only one crayon mark on Clay's pants (thanks to Ethan). : )  green, of course!

I raised Mary Claire's basal rate last night after a disappointing visit to our endocrinologist's office on Thursday (I was finally brave enough to do it).  Her day time blood sugars are totally wonderful, and her night times...not so wonderful.  What I didn't realize (when I'm letting her stay a little higher at night to keep her alive..) is that:
6 hours of bad night time blood sugar + 18 hours of good day time blood sugars = high a1c.

I'm sure this computes to other people, but I'd never thought of it that way.  I always thought of it more like taking 10 blood sugar readings, dividing by 10 and getting a pretty good number for the day.  It doesn't work that way.  You have to weight each by the length of time between each check...which makes the morning check worth so much more!  Ugh. more math to mess me up.  So he convinced me to raise her night time basal to improve her a1c.

Anyway, we started the day at 121, and after lunch, three desserts (it was Easter, and she couldn't decide), she was 114.  I totally thought I was rocking the carb counting...until..the dinner check.  She was 446!  Shock.  Um..can I have a do-over?  She was on a square wave, I did round up, but still didn't get it right.  I swear, those carbs just jump into her blood and multiply like rabbits.  I know, it's the three tiny desserts (she didn't even have 1 inch of pecan pie), and I know, this is part of the a1c problem.  It's just so hard to say no, Jesus died for you, I adore you, but no dessert.  I know, I have the problem.  Please forgive me.

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Unknown said...

Looks and sounds like a great day! You rocked Easter ... sometimes BGs do that to us too...the carbs multiplying like bunnies bit.