Sunday, April 12, 2009

Only Jesus Could Wipe Away My Suckiness

All I can say is I suck, yet again. I totally forgot that we had Daisy Day yesterday. What kinda crazy mom am I? Busy? Sick? I had absolutely no voice at all. I had to answer in a whisper when Mom called to see when she should come to watch Ethan for the Easter Vigil Mass. Uh..can I text you? I missed about four phone calls. I just don't have the voice. So, I still feel just awful. I am hoping it went okay without me.

I laid around to rest, took a nap (so NOT the same thing), gave the kids a bath, rolled Mary Claire's hair, ironed their clothes, had continued indecision on my clothes (my planned outfit included a hot pink pair of linen pants that were cutting off circulation), then Ches decided at 4:30 that we should run to Olive Garden in Rogers for dinner before Mass. Umm..okay. Do I ever refuse Olive Garden? And I had no voice (I don't mean gravelly, I mean NO voice) to chastise naughty children, so what the heck? It'd be all Ches' job. I have to say, as far as being silent can be, it was okay. I had to whisper my order (and I'm sure the waiter thought I was mute or weird, but he was nice to me), and Ethan crawled from my side of the table to Ches' repeatedly. It was fine somehow. It's like I just let it go (yes, rare.) but good. We got home, rushed to get dressed in our Easter clothes (you don't Seriously think I'd let them wear their EASTER clothes to eat spaghetti, do you?), and Mom came a little early to take our pictures. We went ahead and dressed Ethan in his little matching shirt, you know, so in years when he sees the pictures, he'll know he was included, and not left out. For his BEHAVIOR. And his inablilty to sit and be good (read: quiet) in church. We won't let him in on that little tidbit till he's... oh, 30 or so with kids of his own! : ) Anyway, we got a few good pictures, so I'll try to post them over to the right. And we left the house with one more grass stain than is appropriate for NEW Easter dress pants.

Church: Excellent candle service (kids' favorite part, Clay even licked his fingers and touched the fire-thanks for that lesson, Gigi) two hours of kids' comments and requests, and some precious words by Father John about plain water, bread, wine, and oil being changed by faith into sacraments (Really Good Part).
(Begin theme music here.)
Cliff's Notes: Need a drink, Bathroom (gotta go bad!), return with front of shirt untucked (at least he really went), drink (again), thirty (high bs maybe?), where's meter?, text Mom, Ches gone to get meter, tell Jen what the hullabaloo is about, Clay chastizes me for whispering in church, try not to get candle wax on hymnal, text Ches to bring back Propel for Thirsty Queen, Mary Claire chastizes me for having my phone on in church, sleepy, can't see, sit on lap, drawing in notebook, notes to Mommy, notes back, Ches back with meter, check bs-high, insulin, thirsty, bother fellow pew-mates again to get out, remember that I forgot the envelopes, write a check, get out money for kids (no envelopes for them either), kids take up envelopes, bother 'mates for kids to get out again (they reassure me that they had young kids once-I say, please remember what it was like), more laying down and sleepy, baptisms and confirmations-very good, renewing our baptismal vows-more good, Fr. John sprinkles us with holy water from the aisles, Mary Claire gets missed, so I rub some of my sprinkles on her, she doesn't "feel them", so she licks at my hands and arms to get some water (yes, insert creepy here), communion (Most Holiest at Easter!) and Mary Claire is Goofy/Crazy/Noisy/Bad, so I check her bs again-high, again, give her more insulin, sing (lip sync), pray with my babies, sing some more (in my most brilliant whispery voice), and then it's over. Did I miss it? It's already over? Oh, my. Thank you, God for your gift to us all. Your son on the cross, dying for US, the absolute Sinners. And I didn't even cry this year. Was it all the hullabaloo? I'm sorry, I hope I fully understand and appreciate you this year as much as all the other years. Will it be this way from now on? Tell me there's life (and Life) after kids. I know you sent these precious gifts (named Clay, Mary Claire, and Ethan), but please help me not miss out on life. And your gift named Jesus. Again.

Ahh, where to go from there?
By last night, my voice was starting to come back. We got some ice cream, since it was about 9:30, and the kids were hungry again. They came in and went right to bed. Wish that was the end of the story. They came in at 1am (only about 20 minutes after Ches went to bed), then again at 4:30am. This time it was about the baskets again (the general can-we-play-with them, can-we-stay-up, can-we-eat-the-candy), and seeing people under Mary Claire's blanket (?). I did the Proper Mommy thing, and prayed with them that the things were cast out in Jesus' name, that they be protected and covered with the blood of Jesus (which can be scary to little ones in the dark), and that they go back to bed and sleep peacefully until daylight. Now, whether or not they saw things is totally arbitrary, but it's happened before, and if not dealt with, comes back in 20-30 minutes to bite my behind. So, nuff said. My kids need prayer.

So...I appreciate each and every sin Jesus has wiped off my slate. The biggies, and all those little I-knew-betters. He lives for each of us every day, we need only to ask him to heal the bumped heads, open our ears to the homily, and to drive out the weird people at all hours. Don't we all need Jesus with us?

Ok, last little thing. Wanna laugh?
Me: What were you doing in there (Hearth Room)?
Ches: I'm looking for places to hide the kids' baskets.
Holly: What? We've never hidden them before.
Ches: The Easter Bunny used to hide my basket, and I had always had to find it.
Holly: We've never done that, but you've never been up on Easter to see their baskets.
Ches: Huh. Guess not.

my note: maybe next year.


Gigi said...

Excellent post my dear. Thank you again for the lovely meal, egg hunt, fun, frolic and movie. Clay and Mary Claire have certainly stepped up to bat on hiding the eggs where I can't find them. Next year I will do the same to them. They are getting more clever each year and that is as it should be. Imagine if we could have been outside...? The possibilities are endless.

Mary Claire made my day with her ten forks out of five for her special 'five forks pie'. Then Clay jumped on the bandwagon later on in the afternoon for his 'ten forks' for my lemon refrigerator cake.

Take that ~~~~

The kiddies are precious! You are busy as we all know, and doing a great job! Don't beat yourself up about the Daisy thing, after all, you were up to your ears with other stuff as well.


Holly said...

I agree. I am not sure when I could've fit it in, but we should have been there. I even painted my nails ON THE WAY to church, which is just awful.