Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sigh of Relief

What I CAN say is that I am breathing a sigh of relief. Whewwwww..

We are one first communion down, two more to go. It was great-and my little man actually cheered at the end, and pumped his fist (at the end of Mass) at finally having received Communion (but did bless himself afterward). : ) I am proud of him. It just seems like so much work to get here. His third sacrament (after baptism and reconciliation), it's eight years in the making, and four years of pre moving him toward this point. Just amazing. Hope he can recall all he's learned! : )

I took Clay (and Mary Claire) to the church for Clay's individual pictures at four, and I realized his pants were too long. Ick. Like 3 inches or so. I called home and had Ches lay out another pair. It was not good, so I had the photographer (the same one that did our last family photos!) take his shots from the waist up. I didn't want those too-long pants in the memory photo-especially if they'd be exchanged in the next 30 minutes! We made it back home, changed him, and Ches took him back for the group picture. I can't wait to see that one! I hope he smiled. When we were taking our outside pix of just Clay and Mary Claire, he kept showing teeth (think growling), and pulling on his eyes making funny faces. He's just so excited, he can't hardly control himself!

I spent the day doing the usual: playing outside (in the amazing 65 degree weather!), cleaning up, cutting up fruit and veggies, making dip, making the bbq sauce and roasting the pork, pulling it, getting me and the kids ready, taking pictures, controlling my desire to take down all the Easter stuff and redecorate for late spring/summer, bathing the kids, ironing, wishing the three stacked tubs in the kitchen would disappear for so long that they finally did (when I carried them to the top of the stairs), changing Mary Claire's pump site, ahhh.. and cleaning up our fun afterparty. We had fun-and the kids were nice and wound up after our awesome cake. It was super-sugary like I'd requested (no wimpy whipped frosting for my precious boy!), but I was disappointed in the decorating. I think they let a junior decorator try their hand at a cake. Normally, I have very high expectations of Rick's. They always impress me. However. Tonight, not so much. It was white and ivory like requested, but very little swoopy frosting bits around the edges making it look very rectangular/box-like, and very PlAiN. I told them I TruStED them. Ha. I won't do that again. If I pay twice as much, I expect to be wow-ed. I was not. It was nice and sugary (with the chocolate mousse filling I'd requested), so I didn't call to complain. Happens again, and I'll call.

My baby is asleep in bed after a long day, and my big kiddies are spending the night at Mom's after talking about it just a little too much in front of their other gma. They just don't get it. It's just rude. Anyway, they are gone for the night, and I'm kinda missing them. I changed Mary Claire's pump site right before she left, because with all that food (and the aforementioned Sugary Cake), I can see her going sky-high tonight. At least with a new site and new insulin, she'll be controllable. Well, her blood sugar will be controllable. : )

I can't believe they are so big. It seems like yesterday I was rocking them, and they were wearing footed pajamas and learning new words. Well, that was kinda like yesterday: at least the footed pajamas and new words. We just talked about a new word in Junie B's Boo and I Mean It book, but now I forgot what it was. I just fell asleep, which means I must stop writing and go to bed! I'll try to think of the word later... and post some cutie pie pictures!

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