Thursday, April 9, 2009

Drumroll Please ............... Voting Results!

Best Children's Storytime Leader/Teacher: Ms. Shea
Thanks for playing, ladies! : )
Here are our choices, in a very subjective fashion:

Best Local Library: Tie: Fayetteville & Springdale Public Libraries
Best Spring Flower Show (residential): 3751 Laural Ridge (amazing pansies and tulips!)
Best Cheerful Early Morning Greeting: Any greeting from a precious baby, including: Good
Morning, Mommy : )
Friendliest Police Officer: Haven't met one yet (besides Dell), so I'll go with Officer Dan
Sweetest Friend Who Always Comments: Katie/Mom
Best Cake Blog:
Busiest Mom I know (not me, well, I'm disqualified): Sandra
Best Company to work for in NWA: Tie: Rick's (for the goodies) and UA (for workerly reasons, mainly being an income to keep a nice family afloat)
Best Egg-Gatherer: Emily (has a strategy!)
Best Spring Wreath: Ok, me only by two votes
Best Laundry Do-er: Mom
Fastest Responder on FB: Katie/Matthew

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