Thursday, April 9, 2009

What is coming out of my mouth?

Do you ever hear strange questions coming out of your mouth? I have to admit, I do. I had to call around and ask if various stereo companies could indeed extract coins from my van's dvd player. I know it's wrong.
The day it happened, I was in the shower, Ches was loading the van for our last big adventure: Nashville. He lets Ethan "play" drive in the front seat to entertain him (and keep him from screaming bloody murder from inside the garage door, "Outside!!"). So, he was entertained. And ruined our dvd player. On the morning of our 9 hour trip (Yes, it's much farther than google thought it was).
So there was much drama, phone calls to Honda service. Only to find out they couldn't withdraw money from our van's piggy bank. They gave us a couple of places to call, and I asked why they couldn't do it. They said if they could figure it out, they'd be doing it and making lots of money (so this happens to other people? A lot?)! So, need a business? Learn to withdraw money from vehicles: highly sought-after and valuable!!

So, today I called to see if we could drop off the van a little late, and the man said that it was fine, and it'd "probably" be done today. What? I HavE to have my van to haul around small children and all their various sundry items! No, I need it tonight, whether it's fixed or not! Well, they could only remove coins, but if it was broken, it would require a longer stay (like when Mary Claire swallowed the penny, and was checked into the hospital for "removal"). No, no, I said, I have a bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers everything except tires, batteries, and spark plugs! So, he said to call to make sure that if he opens it the warranty wouldn't be voided. Ha-only in my crazy world do these things happen. So, a call to Joe (henceforth known as Wonderful Nice Man) said if it wasn't fixed by coin withdrawal, he'd have it replaced. See, WNM is awesome! And made my nasty, yucky, sick day. : )
I can only tell you this in hindsight, as now the van's dvd player is functioning!! The eject button wasn't working, and now sounds loud and scratchy (probably bad sign) when it pushes out a movie, but it works. I was ever-so-grateful as I drove home with three quiet kids to the sound of Desperaux. Magical. And we all stopped to thank God-yes, really. We'd prayed on the way there, and we had ourselves an answered prayer (although Mary Claire told God she liked it broken and preferred music, but she sure enjoyed that movie!). Nothing like quiet to cheer up a bad headache and stopped up nose. My illness worsens. Yuck.

Current pet peeve:
When my long distance phone company sends me a bill for my home telephone long distance on 8 pages of paper (8 fronts and 8 backs), includes an envelope, and the amount on the front is a whopping 3 cents. No, I could not joke about this. I can't make up crap that's as unbelievable as my reality. Maybe I'll post a picture.
Last month, it was 93 cents (which is just wrong), and I couldn't send less than $1 electronically (or my morals wouldn't allow a transfer so stupidly small), so I sent a silly dollar (almost as stupid). So, last month, my balance was 10 cents, so my credit paid for all but 3 cents of this month's bill. I'm sending another dollar (see above), and the saga continues. This has gone on for a few years, but it seems relatively inexpensive, so I continue. I know, next question: how on Earth is it so small? Well, we first: use our cell phones if it's after hours, and second: use a calling card, and only third (too lazy to type in the calling card number): dial the number direct, and pay the 10 cents a minute (or 3 cents for off-peak, out-of-state).
But let's not discuss my current cell phone bill. 'Cause it's $180 this month, due to the first thing up above... And my tendency to be a talkaholic. I'm admitting it, which is the first step, right? So what was step two again?


Gigi said...

Very interesting indeed. There is someone who lives here that says it only requires a small tool from SEARS (more like a mini-screwdriver) that is bendable and is also a magnet and coins towards it. And Papa has said tool.

Hope your Good Friday goes along well.


Holly said...

Shoot. I just paid $70 for them to do that!!
Although, coins aren't magnetic.

ps-thanks, hope I feel better! That would improve my day in radical ways!! : )

Gigi said...

Coins aren't magnetic? Well Papa always has his Chinese fingers?

Or his other theory is his automotive double-sided tape and a straw.

He is quite crafty.

It runs in the family.


Holly said...

Yes, it is definitely hereditary!!
If I should have another odd savings account stash (most certainly he was saving for Disney!), then I shall call you guys! : )