Sunday, April 26, 2009

I got a nap. Big Headline!

Great day-included a nap (ahhh...), some gardening for girl scouts-lots of tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupe, and okra, baths for kids, more leftover pulled pork bbq, and catching up. It was so nice to read part of the paper this morning! Mom took the kids home with her last night-at 9:30! And they got to play outside, get dirty, and Clay played with a (gasp!) pellet gun! Only at her house.

I'm busy posting pix from Saturday night-Clay's First Communion.
Have a great week! Let's try to tone it down, watcha' say? Maybe have a wallet at all times? and no flat tires? Especially in all the rain that's headed our way! All Week. Hugs!

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The Gigi said...

No no no no...

Hm? I feel a bit confused. It wasn't a pellet gun. A pellet gun is a real gun that shoots out 3/16 inch steel balls with a such force of air it can bring down a dog. It was a little (4 1/2 inch) yellow and orange plastic toy that limps out, (if they roll out at all) 1/16" orange pills and there is only a few pills left as he lost the rest of them two years ago. I just went to shoot it..and not once did the pills even come out, sometimes they rolled out the lower interior portion of the handle. It's a toy, not a real pellet gun. He is just playing, he and MC love to play and run around and chase each other and hide.

I wouldn't let anything happen to them.

Clay (and he was alone) did carry the BB gun around for about ten minutes (a real BB gun), but since we wouldn't let him have any BB's, he soon tired of that fun.

I do apologize for them being so dirty. But they had a grand time on the 'creepers' in Papa's shop, rolling all over the place, then they had snacks, then they took old metal and built imaginary cars, they really had a good time!!

And I hope you have a relaxing week, no crisis moments, no flat tires, no lost wallets, and lots of precious moments with the kiddies and lots of good sleep time.

The photos are darling. Clay is totally photogenic and sweet as pumpkin pie, as they all are. Awesome sweeties!!