Monday, April 6, 2009

Gazillion Things, Crazy Mind, and Voting

Hmmm...what to write. I have a million, gazillion things floating around in my head. From what I need to do tomorrow, to what I have to do to get ready, to my last three whirlwind days... Craziness! : ) and some fun!

Sunday was church (I laid out the cute new sundress, sandals covered in flowers, and a sweater in case it was chilly). HA! Mother Nature played a trick on me!! It was frigid!! Mary Claire had to add leggings, socks, and Keds (as the little sandals just wouldn't work. For more than one reason!). It was just sad. I had finally rotated her clothes, and not on the right day, obviously. I thought we had some serious global warming going on? What? Arkansas didn't get that memo! We've decided to have winter in April! We've seen snow in March, but ick. Down with snow (in April-but bring it on in December-when we EXPeCT it!!)!

Baby bookworms was today-and Ms. Shae was back!! She's just awesome. I love her. I don't think I can tell her that, but I came near it today. If I needed a nanny/babysitter, I'd pick her! She'd sing and be sweet, and read, and bring bells and books (and maybe wear a microphone?). She is just so in tune with the kids, adores them, and moves the class right along. Yay, Ms. Shae! She deserves a trophy. You know, if I was giving out awards. Maybe I'll have a ceremony, coming soon!!
Send in your votes:
Best Children's Storytime Leader/Teacher:
Best Local Library:
Best Spring Flower Show (residential):
Best Cheerful Early Morning Greeting:
Friendliest Police Officer:
Sweetest Friend Who Always Comments:
Best Cake Blog:
Busiest Mom I know (not me, well, I'm disqualified):
Best Company to work for in NWA:
Best Egg-Gatherer:
Best Spring Wreath:
Best Laundry Do-er:
Fastest Responder on FB:

Ok, copy and paste your votes. Voting ends April 8th at midnight.

ps-I just found out one of our sweet friends who has diabetes also has celiac disease (can't eat gluten: wheat, barley, rye, oats, etc.). Please keep them in your prayers as they deal with one more obstacle. When your immune system is compromised, it's very difficult. They are bravely facing one more thing, but it's tough. May you and your babies all be blessed this week. We can be thankful for what we have: each other. Bind, bond, and look up.


The Ware's said...

Ok - here you go:
Best Children's Storytime Leader/Teacher:Miss Shea
Best Local Library:Fayetteville
Best Spring Flower Show (residential): don't know of any
Best Cheerful Early Morning Greeting: I love you my mommy (Nora)
Friendliest Police Officer: haven't run into one lately
Sweetest Friend Who Always Comments:Holly and Katie
Best Cake Blog: don' know of one, please share if you do
Busiest Mom I know (not me, well, I'm disqualified): Holly and Kayla
Best Company to work for in NWA: U of A
Best Egg-Gatherer: Emily! she has a system down pat!
Best Spring Wreath: Your front door!
Best Laundry Do-er: I'm the only one in this household!
Fastest Responder on FB: Katie

Gigi said...

Best Children's Storytime Leader/Teacher: I don't know, maybe me?

Best Local Library: Springdale Public Library (I have been using it for a very long time)

Best Spring Flower Show (residential): Hm? Lesley's garden.

Best Cheerful Early Morning Greeting: Good Morning Sweetie

Friendliest Police Officer: Officer Dan

Sweetest Friend Who Always Comments: You

Best Cake Blog:

Busiest Mom I know (not me, well, I'm disqualified): Definitely you whether disqualified or not.

Best Company to work for in NWA: Rick's Bakery

Best Egg-Gatherer: Izzy
Best Spring Wreath: Your wreaths are the best.

Best Laundry Do-er: Me (yes, me)
Fastest Responder on FB: Me

Gigi said...

Okay I didn't know what FB stood for, I thought it was Football? Yikes?