Monday, December 20, 2010

You could never be more a more beautiful YOU!

I am infinitely happier with the sewing I did today compared to yesterday’s!  That lycra was tough.  But, today…I made a messenger bag (did I mention it is American Girl sized?)!  And it is so scrumptiously cute:
I had those patterns that I got online, and there was a book bag (for Molly maybe?).  I used most of the pieces, but changed it a little.  It called for a one-layer flap, but that seemed way too flimsy.  I made the flap a little bigger (to include a seam allowance) and made two pieces, sewed the wrong sides together, and then turned them right side out and ironed them. (Did I mention I monogrammed the fabric first? Heehee-I love that machine!)
Then, I lined the pieces of the bag with interfacing to make them a little stronger (for those times when she has lots of homework, ha!), and then sewed it all together.

It is by far the cutest thing I’ve made (miniature, of course), so now I’ll work harder to make other little things.  I’ve been kind of lazy about sewing doll clothes-it’s really hard to go around little sleeves and teensy bags (I pricked my finger working around the machine needle today)!  It is hard to sew on things that small, but after you are done, it’s so worth it.  And Megan needs some pants and winter clothes. ; )
(Had to crop out my jammie sleeve!)
So sweet!  (but I totally couldn't do it for a living!)
Mary Claire didn’t make it through the night last night. : (  And it was SO hard for her to make The Call.  I hadn’t heard from her about dinner, and by 10:30 I was getting worried.  She called me around 11, and she was crying.  She was sick, and knew she needed to come home (can I just thank God for answering prayers?  I asked that she’d be able to ask for what she needed!  God is good!).  Ches ran down to get her, and when she came in, she had a fever.  She doesn’t have one today, so I don’t know if it was her warm pj’s, or all the stress it took to admit defeat.  She was so sweet.  And hungry.  She’d skipped dinner, and hadn’t eaten since lunch (except some cake!).  Her blood sugar had been low earlier, but she was 110-perfect.  I gave her some milk, medicine, and sent her to bed.  I felt sorry for her, to be missing out on the excitement down the street.

Clay came in my room about 11, right before Mary Claire came home-what was going on in my house yesterday?

Today they all slept till after 8-Hallelujah!  That means I got to sleep till after 8 (except for getting up at five to sooth a sleeping arm that was all pin-prickly)!

We were slow to get around, ran a couple errands, then went to Missouri to see Ches’ mom.  We had some stuff for them, and Ches’ birthday is Wednesday, and who’s mom doesn’t want to see them for their birthday? : )  The kids fed the donkeys, stayed outside to play, and Donnie cut out Clay’s pinewood derby car!  Clay had chosen a Corvette design, and had it ready.  We’ve had it in the car for a week, planning to have dad cut it sometime, but it worked out great!  I think he liked being able to help.  We had dinner (they had a pig slaughtered about two weeks ago, so they have so much ham and sausage, and they get their cured bacon back next week.  It freaks me out a little to know where something comes from, but it’s pretty fat-less (really!), so I did okay.  (I like to get my meat at the grocery store, and pretend it isn’t real.  Yes, I like the disconnect.)  We stayed until after dark, then headed home-everyone is soo tired! (and has new toys to play with!)

Tomorrow should be a catch-up day (umm..since no one has jeans or their favorite clothes to wear?), and maybe we’ll fit in those elusive cookies Mary Claire can’t wait for!

Thanking God for answered prayers!  And here’s praying that He’s answering yours.  I pray for you to feel God move and hear His voice this week.  I think He knows it’s His birthday and we are all drawing near to celebrate.

There could never be a more beautiful you.  You were made to fill a purpose, that only you could do.  – from More Beautiful You by Johnny Diaz
I just heard the song, and I love it.  It’s about little girls trying to live up to something, but really they should be themselves-they are already amazing on their own!

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