Thursday, December 9, 2010

Use Me

Tough.  Day.
Ethan had an appointment to get an (invisible, seriously.  Only the little beeping laser device can detect it) cavity filled.  It went well until the shots/"magic balloons".  He got calmed down, they they wanted to put on the "ring" and "raincoat" to protect the other teeth, and he had the full-on meltdown/get-me-the-heck-outta-here cry!  They gave me some prescription fluoride (1.1%-5x the normal amount) toothpaste, and told me I was "good" (code: take your crying child out!).  They'll check it again at his next visit, to see if it's stronger, or if it still needs to be filled.  It just has bacteria in it. : (  He was seriously sad that he didn't get to buy a car on his way out with his points.  Ha!  He didn't earn any since he didn't get the "cavity bugs out!"!  That just made him cry louder.
So then I dealt with the crying, wailing, and knashing of teeth (literally) for the next hour and a half, as he wanted the balloons out of his mouth!  Ahh..I couldn't say much, I didn't want to ruin it for next time we have to go for a cleaning (or filling!).
At home, I gave him juice, a yogurt drink, and he kept screaming for an apple (yes, he'd bite his cheek and all!), so we agreed on macaroni & cheese.  I was in the pantry, kinda shoved in between the door and the shelves (because the laundry was packed so tightly-can't explain-at least they were clean), and I was starting to melt down after all the crying, and I began to D-I-G for macaroni!  I swear, I bought a five-pack about two weeks ago, and couldn't possible be all gone.  Well, the digging caused an earthquake, and down came a big, new bottle of low-sodium soy sauce.  All over the floor, my adorable Company C rug, my dryer, cabinets, door, clean hanging clothes, box of clothes for Salvation Army, root veggies in the pantry, etc.  Yes, all brownish liquid and busted glass.  I wanted to laugh and scream at the same time.  First I ran upstairs to get the "old" towels to sop it all up with, then I began to pray, seriously pray.  I could still hear Ethan's relentless screaming about the balloons in his mouth, the apple he wanted "Now!", and the macaroni.  I thought if I didn't have some divine intervention, it was not going to end well.
I totally forgot he had gymnastics, as I was soaking up brown stuff with my knees and avoiding glass.  I had to alternate sopping up with vacuuming the glass, but didn't want to suck up liquid into the vacuum-a very complicated job (will note on future job resumes).  I finally got it cleaned up, rewashed four loads of splashed laundry, vacuumed and mopped again, then made him some microwave macaroni (thank goodness for that instant garbage Ches buys!)  I had myself some real Coke, and some caramel pecan bread pudding for lunch-I'd really worked myself into negative calories! : )
The day went incredibly better after that (could it have gotten worse?), and I got some cups made:
They are gifts for teachers that I made for a parent at our school.  She pretty much knew what she wanted on each one, and they turned out cute! : )  I hope the teachers like them.  It's always hard to decide on fonts, colors, fabrics, what to write, etc.  I'm making lots of decisions, but they are fun!

Then dinner, dance, and a quick trip to Hobby Lobby-I always have crafty stuff spinning in my head!  I'm getting ready to make the little baggies for girl scout patches for the girls, and I'm working on a wreath for a friend, and Mary Claire wanted to look at dance ornaments (for her teachers!).  We could live there!

I watched the Barbara Walters interviews this evening, and I will remember Oprah quoting Bill Withers, "Use Me, till I'm all used up."  I already pray that God will use me, and show me who to help, but maybe I should pray more to be used.  I think that's what is happening-my family is getting use out of me. : )  I really wouldn't have it any other way.


Anonymous said...

I typed into my search box the quote from Oprah on the Barbara Walters interview last night and your blog came up!

I am going to follow you. You are doing something amazing. Blogging about the "joys" of being a Mom and encouraging others!

I teach Pre-K at a Christian school and have raised two wonderful children now a teen and a young adult. I have lived your story and hear it every day from the Moms I am blessed to work with. I've never met anyone who could blog these crazy days with heart and thanksgiving!

God bless you!


Holly said...

Elaine, you warm my heart! Thank you so much for stopping by, and CoMMenTiNG! : ) Even my mom seems to have "forgotten" how to comment! Maybe saying nice things gets old! haha : )

And thank you for your kind words. Some days are better than others, and I try (it's all I can do!). I have dreams of ministering to young moms when I'm older. I have a friend who has a group at her church called Titus Women (modeled after Timothy and Titus, but based on Titus 2:4), and they serve each other dinner and the older women teach the younger. I wish I'd had that as a young wife/mom (I'm still pretty young!), but I'll work on it as I'm one of the older women! I think we really do gain wisdom as we get older. Keep sharing and listening to them (sometimes they only converse with little people all day!). God bless you too!