Sunday, December 19, 2010

Overnight Bag

Mary Claire's PRE teachers didn't come today, so she had class with Clay.  She went in to sit by him, and he got mad, and I don't think it went really well.  When Ethan and I picked them up, the teacher commented on how sweet he was, and why didn't he treat his sister that way?  Uh..thank you for pointing that out.  I wonder the same thing, but for her to notice-it obviously didn't go that well.  I asked her where her teachers were, and she just said they didn't come today.  She left their presents on the table in the room, and I'm thinking they may never come back, or someone else will get them between now and the next class-January 9th!  Oooo...control yourself. (me, of course.)

Mary Claire has a birthday party/sleepover today.  She had cake about 5ish, and I kept waiting for her to call about dinner.  She never did!  I finally called her a little before 8, and she didn't answer, but called back a little bit ago.  She was low-too low to go downstairs and get her meter to check herself.  Too low to call out, or get Natalie's mom.  Aaahhh!  I called their house, and asked them to get her meter, sugar, and give them to her.  They found her, gave her sugar, and I stayed on the phone till she was making sense, could check herself, and was back to normal: 110.  I also talked her through reducing her basal to 83% till morning.  No chances.  She said she didn't eat dinner, they had chili, and she wasn't hungry.  Now, I told her she has to eat some, or ask for peanut butter or yogurt.  She won't make it on sugar alone!
They are making sugar cookies now, but it's more sugar.  Please God help her have the confidence to ask for what she needs-protein.  She has to do what I tell her, or she can't go away at night.  She has to keep up her end of the bargain.  Lord, help me be patient when I have no control.

Ok, I'm moving on..for your sake and mine! : )  I had a chance to do some sewing for Mary Claire while she was gone.  I found these online patterns:
and adjusted them a little. : )  There was a pattern for some panties and an undershirt, so I combined them, and made a swimsuit/leotard (whatever she wants it to be!):
I cut out the front, then folded it over, to cut out the back-I didn't want an extra seam on the bottom!

..folded in half to see how it'll look.

Yay-it fits!  This is just the side and shoulder seams done.  I was debating on leaving the neck/arm/leg holes raw, since the stretchy lycra doesn't "run"!

Well..I decided to finish the arm seams at least.  I turned them under and ran a narrow zig-zag stitch to ruffle the edges!  It's kind of like making lettuce edges on a knit.
I decided that I'd make her a "beach/dance bag" (..depending on what she calls this blue concoction!) since I also got a pattern for a messenger bag.  I monogrammed Megan's name (her American Girl doll) on the fabric for the front flap, and have yet to cut out the pieces.  I think I'll use velcro for the flap.  I think it calls for a snap, but...I only have the kind you stab through the fabric and pinch together-not good for this!  I haven't finished it..I'll show it to you finished! (I just figured out where the snaps go-you are supposed to put them on the handle/strap, so you don't have to put it over her head, and mess up her hair!)

We took the boys out today to see Tron, then for dinner.  We had one little boy who wanted pizza, and one who wanted to play video games, preferably Pac Man and Galaga (never thought I'd say those words in 2010!).  So (laugh if you want..), we called around to see which restaurants had what games.  Yes, weird.  But sometimes on Christmas break, you try to make someone's day (or two people's day).  We learned that Red Robin in Rogers had Pac Man and Galaga (and Clay was pumped), then when we got there, it was Ms. Pac Man!  He just played $2 worth of Galaga, and made it to level 10-he was so excited!  (I just learned that Pac Man was so popular, it caused a shortage of coins when it first came out!)

Gosh, do I remember playing Pac Man on my old Atari 2600-I think we got it maybe in the fall of 1983?  I'd hold that joystick as far in each direction as I could!  I was always surprised it didn't break eventually.  In my mind, the harder you held it over to one side, the faster he'd go.  Ha!  Try playing on your iphone-you are moving your finger around on a screen, and you can't make him go faster! : )  I can't wait till Clay opens his Atari joystick (that has 12 games inside it!) (how do they do that?)

Hope you had a good weekend! : )


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