Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweet Ethan

Yesterday was my sweet baby's birthday-and he turned a great big FOUR!  He told me he isn't a baby anymore. : (  It makes me sad, since I like to call him my baby.  I mean, he is, but he isn't.  I can't believe it's gone so fast!  I hear that all the time-even from parents of kids going off to college, but time really does get sucked up in a vacuum-we don't even know where it goes!  Into baths, bedtimes, teeth-brushing, story reading, car playing, movie watching, outside playing, bike riding, yada, yada, yada-and life happens! : )

We took our little "big" boy out for his birthday.  We always let the kids pick where they want to eat for their special day.  Ethan picked Fun City (he's pretty smart that way).  It's a fun land of pizza, climbing stuff, arcade games, and mini golf.  We got 80 tokens, and used every one!  They golfed, ordered too much pizza, ran around like crazy, and even had cupcakes.  Here are some pictures:

I got my sweetie and his Beary matching overalls!  So precious.  Wish they made them in bigger sizes.

He finally got his new *green* bike!

And he rode off through the house..guess he can ride it! : )

Clay with a helmet playing a 3D game

Playing a water-shooting game

His favorite spot-the junk you buy with your tickets!

This pizza is making me thirsty!

He actually got a hole-in-one at the end on this one!

He wanted a big 4 on his cupcake!

He couldn't be happier to be four!
And a flashback to December 27, 2006.  I'd had some contractions on Christmas, but I'd really wanted to make it past Jesus' birthday.  I wanted them to both have their own special day.  I knew if I made it to Dec. 27th (a Wednesday) to my scheduled appointment, and was dilated, I'd have a c-section and see my baby!  I was so excited.  I was dilated to a 3+, so my doctor told me that things were going to go fast.  I was taken downstairs, got my iv, an epidural, and before long, Ethan was here!  I'd never had an epidural or a c-section, and the biggest surprise was that I couldn't walk-it takes stomach muscles to walk-yikes!  We did fine, I was just so thankful!

Mom brought the kids to see baby Ethan.

He was so tiny!

And then he began to grow..here are my three cuties-Ethan's first Easter!  I could just eat them up! : )
Ethan had a sweet fourth birthday, and Ches even took him to Wal-Mart (for the second time yesterday!) to get MORE cars and a carrying case-it's super cool: opens on both sides, shaped like a wheel, and there's a neat silver wheel that spins on the front!  He's totally happy.  He is so blessed to have a daddy who absolutely adores him!  He also got a Trio construction building set and the rest of the Speed Racer set of cars (from eBay-you can get anything!).  Bless that child, and keep him safe.  His love of all things high and fast scares me!

I got an answer to the letter I sent to Great Wall of China Adoptions.  It wasn't the answer I was looking for, but at least the international adoptions consultant responded.  There is currently a fifty-four month wait.  (Yes, they put it in months..maybe to sound shorter?)  Holy Cow.  She also added that by then, Ches will be too old for us to adopt from there, and suggested we adopt from a less-stringent country and gave me the web address for a sister-agency.  So, you need to get on a waiting list even before you decide you want a child, much less encounter infertility! Ha.  I think I hear God talking.

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