Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tiny Packages

Gingerbread Houses!  We went to Sandra's house today to decorate gingerbread houses.  Everyone brought candies-we had so many choices!  After Mary Claire ran off to play, I added some candies to the back and one side.  She'd already told me she didn't want me to help her.  I tried to stay in the other room for half an hour so she could do her thing! : )  Is my girl looking for independence?  hahaha (I can give her some!)

See her bagging up the extra candy to take home?  She can't take time to smile for me!

The front: door, walkway, evergreen tree, and a precious heart on the roof!

The other "front".  She put the people on the other side-can you see the side/roof I did on the right?  I CoVeReD it!
 We had so much fun-and brought candy home too!  I have to get the recipe for Sandra's royal icing-it was different from mine-and stiffened much quicker!  I think she used 3 tablespoons of meringue powder per batch.  So much better than mine! : )

So we came home, and I made the PRE teachers' presents for tomorrow-their last day of class before Christmas break:
I wish you could see this amazing crown stamp better-it is BEAUTIFUL!  It is my favorite set-there's so much detail on the stamps.  We got them glass Jesus with baby sheep ornaments, and wrote Thank You for shepherding our children. : )

And we wrapped Natalie Grace's present!  This one was hard-there were three boxes, and I couldn't figure out how to stack them.  I finally tied up the two small ones, wrapped a big piece of tulle around the big one, then tied the smaller ones to the large one.  Complicated, but maybe they'll stay together! : )
We are getting ready to make cookies, I guess.  I'd decided to skip this year, but Mary Claire has big dreams of using cookie cutters and frosting, and sugar cookies, and gingerbread cookies, and on and on..she's found recipes, so I think I'd better get crackin'.

We have now looked into adoption-it may be time to take a different route.  We will not stop trying, but it's just not as easy as it used to be.  We would still both like to add to our family, and it just may be in a different way.  We checked into Great Wall of China adoption, but you can't have had a surgery in the last 12 months (and I've had a couple of minor ones), and the youngest we can get is a 13 month old, since Ches is over 44.
We also checked into Catholic Charities Adoption in Little Rock.  We'll also need to call them, since they have no application form online.  We don't have really specific "requirements" but it'd be nice to have a girl. : )  That's about all we'd request, if even that.

It's hard to find balance between loving and adoring the kids we have, and reconciling with the desire (and lack of) another baby.  I never thought this would happen to me-it was so easy to get pregnant.  It still seems surreal.

There is a small chance I may have endometriosis.  I had interuterine adhesions inside my uterus, and I'm having pain, and some strange symptoms-it's 40% more likely if you've had a c-section that you will have endometriosis on the outside.  Apparently the cells come out around your scar and if the endometriosis has the organs bound up on the outside, it can mess with ovulation, the egg making it to the uterus, and if an egg does implant, and there are still cells on the outside signaling to keep ovulating, then after that ovulation, the lining of your uterus sheds, and you miscarry.  All very complicated-I'm still learning!  I don't know if I'll have the laparoscopy surgery to find out.  Now that my insurance thinks I'm "infertile", they no longer pay for anything to my specialist doctor, which sucks-because it can really begin to cause trouble as it progresses.

I think I'll have a busy week this week-making calls (my least favorite thing to do!).  We also have a sleepover tonight, Tron movie today, sign-making for GS CooKiEs!, trip to Missouri on Monday, Bunco Party on Tuesday, Ches' birthday on Wednesday, maybe a free day on Thursday?, and then Christmas Eve and CHRISTmas!  I'm excited for Jesus' birthday, I'm thrilled that there is nothing huge on my list (yes: I asked for a pan, some gloves, and new tires), that I can just revel in my kids' total shock as they each get what they really wanted, and we told them they wouldn't get them (is that bad?).  Santa will come through though.  heehee  I can't wait to see their faces!  I think I'll get up before them just to video them coming downstairs!! : )

I am praying for you to have an amazing week!  Lord, please bless my family and friends near and far, old friends, close friends, or just-getting-to-know-me-friends.  I pray that they have a week of sweet family and friends, time to relax, time to do something special or surprising for someone else, giving them a blessing!  I pray that you answer their prayers, and show them the amazing reason for the season-a precious new life named Jesus.  Sometimes huge things come to us in tiny packages-help us all watch for tiny packages, and Rejoice!  We adore you: from small infant to mighty savior, and in your name we pray.  Amen.

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