Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't Read It Aloud

Only two spills today: Sprite (by Mary Claire on the carpet, and Coke (by Ches down the refrigerator).  And Ethan did pretty well-his medicine totally turned him around!  Hyper, fun, and no fever! Yay!  He did blow his nose a lot-getting all that gunk out.  I hope he doesn't start having sinus infections like me. : (  They are awful.

I keep working on the kids' Christmas lists.  We've decided not to take anything back (except a game I double bought! oops.)  We'll just buy Mary Claire one more thing (she's a hundred dollars behind the other two!).  I think I'm going to get her an American Girl outfit.  There are lots sold out/backordered online, but I'll choose something better. : )  I can't for the life of me find the book where she circled all she wanted!  I can find one catalog where she only circled a charm, but not the outfit that came with it.  That won't do.  My goal is to finish my Thursday? : ) shouldn't read the Bible aloud with your sweet, innocent ten-year-old.  Clay has been reading his Bible (and started at the beginning), and tonight he wanted me to start where he left off.  Umm..God must have had a hand in this.  Seriously.  Genesis 19 is like the worst chapter!  I hated to read it aloud (especially since I couldn't explain and didn't want him exposed to those ideas), and I've never been more embarrassed of the book of my faith.  It was so hard.  So, I'm reading Sodom & Gomorrah.  The part about all the village people wanting to "be" with the two visitors (angels), I just said they wanted to abuse him (what else to call it?).  In my (Catholic NRSV) Bible, it says, "Bring them out to us so that we may know them," Genesis 19:5.  In the Kids' Adventure Bible (NIV), it said, "Bring them out to us so that we can have s___ with them."  I just can't write it.  Why, may I ask, does my son's kids' Bible have this in there, but mine doesn't?  (Of course, I'm wishing I'd checked for these things before I bought it.)  It goes the Shameful Origin of Moab and Ammon.  Try to "read" (aloud!) your way through this one.  I kept changing words, but Clay couldn't figure out why the girls were getting their dad drunk with wine.  Talk about complicated.  I tried to tell him enough that he wouldn't go upstairs and reread it!

So now I'm all stressed, and can't decide whether to take his Bible tomorrow and get him a new one.  He'd notice, but it's a little freaky.  What do you think?

Why couldn't he have started with the New Testament or skipped around like an average kid?  Why, oh, why?

And just think..I was going to call up to Mary Claire to get her Bible and join us-thank the Lord I didn't!  She would've told what it really said.  Oh, gosh-parenting really does get harder as they get older.  Please God, give me grace and proper words to share your Word with my kids, and to listen to You!  Only open my kids' ears to what they can handle (and the other stuff? ..could they please lose their memory?)

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